How to fix error, “waiting for available sockets” in Google Chrome

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

How to fix error, “waiting for available sockets” in Google Chrome

Waiting for available sockets error on chrome basically happens due to overload images and data saved on chrome. Cookies and images saved on chrome once gets in huge it creates this error.

Whenever we do open any site it saves some cookies and images as temporary on browser. For the time being it reaches into overload and creates available socket error.It will shows in the bottom left corner of screen.

Available Socket error
Available Socket error

Step for fixing “waiting for available sockets” error

  • By Force open Scokets
  1. Open your google chrome browser.
  2. Type ‘ chrome://net-internals ‘ into address bar and press Enter.
  3. Click here to open direct link- chrome://net-internals/#sockets
  4. Available Sockets
    Available Sockets
  5. From the left top corner menu select sockets option.
    Available Sockets
  6. Available Sockets
  7. Now you will get a page where is option ‘Flush Socket Pools’ click on it. It will clean all records.
  8. This method always works.If it does not works follow below steps.


  • By Clearing your Cookies & Caches

Available socket error also happens due to corrupt or huge cookies save on browser. By clearing cookies it can be solved. For the step we have specific topic here How to clear cookies from browser. Read this article and help by your own easily.

  • By Clearing your Extension and tool bars

Sometimes we have installed bad or corrupted extension and tool bars by mistake. We don’t know their works even they becomes hidden. These extension transfer traffic from your ip address to world wide web and browser started freezing.

This problem can solve easily read here Remove extension and toolbars and follow simple steps for this.

Conclusion: These three steps mostly fix available socket error problem.

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