How To Fix Belkin Router Blinking Orange? Flashing Orange.

When you get Belkin router blinking orange light problem, there can be several reasons behind this problem.

Today, in this article I will point out the way to fix the belkin router flashing orange or blinking yellow light problem.

belkin router blinking orange, belkin router flashing orange,

If you are also experiencing the same problem with your belkin wireless router, I will recommend you to read this article until the end and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

Causes behind belkin router blinking orange problem –

  • Connection Problem
  • Router setup problem.
  • Internet Connection Problem
  • Firmware Update Problem.

Troubleshooting steps for belkin router flashing orange-

Now we know the reason behind Belkin router is blinking orange. So it’s a time to troubleshoot the problem.

But before troubleshooting the problem, you should try to power cycle the devices once and then wait for a second.

  1. Power off your internet modem, wait for 10 seconds and plug power if back on.
  2. Now unplug the power cable from the belkin router and wait for 10 seconds, now plug it back in.
  3. After turning on your modem and router, you need to wait for 1 minute, let’s see if you can get blue light or yellow light on your belkin router.

Check Physical Connection-

Did you check the cable connection between belkin router and internet modem? Because, if your router is not connected to the modem properly. you will definitely get the blinking orange or yellow internet light on your wireless router.

Sometimes, you might get flashing orange light, just because of faulty ethernet cable. so I will recommend you to replace the ethernet cable, and then reboot the wireless router. Now check which color of light, you can see on your belkin router?

If you can see the blue light on your router, that’s great.. you are good to go. but sadly, if you are still getting blinking orange light on your belkin router. Do not worry; we are still here with other steps to fix the router.

Update the firmware-

if you are using an old firmware on your wireless router. It may not allow you to access the internet and give you blinking orange internet light in revert.

belkin router blinking orange, belkin router flashing orange,

That’s why having an updated firmware is very important. So you should check for the router firmware update, if you will find any update. I will suggest you, update it instantly.

Clone the mac address-

When your modem is not able to identify the device, it will stop serving internet.  as a result, you will start getting blinking orange light on your belkin wireless router.

belkin router blinking orange, belkin router flashing orange

To do the mac cloning you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Connect your computer to the router via ethernet cable.
  • Now open the belkin router setup page.
  • Go to mac cloning.
  • Click on clone my mac address.
  • Finally, you need to click on apply changes.

Now your router will save the settings and restart itself for once.

Factory Restore the wireless router-

After performing the above steps, if your belkin router is still blinking orange, I will suggest you, factory restore the wireless router.

So you need to press the hold the reset button on your belkin router for one minute and then release it. one you will release the button, you need to restart the router and setup Belkin Wireless Router again.

Now I hope your router will start working, If still, your belkin router is not working, then your router is the hardware failure, in that situation, you have to replace your wireless router.

Thank you for reading this post.

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