Why is wifi not working on windows 10 Laptop ?

Troubleshoot: Why is Wifi not working on windows 10 laptop –

Hello Folks, One of our subscribers has sent a request to write an article on wifi not working on windows 10 laptop. Here, I am going to mention his email,


Hi fixotip team,

I have windows 10 laptop pc and it was working fine till last night.

After finishing my work, i had shut down my laptop and went to sleep. When I turned on my pc in the next morning all of sudden, my wifi was not working on windows 10 operating system. While if I did restart my computer with windows 7 operating system, its working fine. It is showing no connections are available in Windows 10 operating system.

Last time, my brother printer won’t connect to wifi, i came to your website first time and read the steps to troubleshoot the wifi problem. I was able to fix my printer by myself. With the same hope, i am asking you guys to write an article on how can I fix wifi is not working on windows 10 pc.


Lionel Gurski,


Just because of this email, we have decided to write an article on wifi issue on Windows 10 laptop. I am hoping it can help our readers (like Lionel Gurski) to become more tech-friendly.

Well, “wifi not working on windows 10 pc” problem can be because of a few common reasons. The first and very common reason for this problem is the windows update.

If your windows are not updated or getting message windows to update failure may be the reason behind wifi problem on windows 10 pc.

Basic Tips for troubleshooting wifi not working on windows 10-

First restart your computer once before applying any troubleshooting steps on your laptop. After restarting try to on and off wifi through the wireless button in the laptop. Every laptop or computer has a button to turn the wireless on or off. So you should try to turn on the wifi by pressing the button.

Advance steps for Troubleshooting Wifi not working on windows 10 pc:

Turn on wifi from settings-

Many times, we have found windows 10 won’t connect to wifi issue occur just because of one silly mistake. We turned off the wifi from settings and do not realize. You should go to the settings, and try to turn on the wifi from settings.  For more information you may visit, how to turn on wifi on windows 10 pc.

Enable Wireless Adapter-

If the wifi is not working on the windows 10 laptop after turning on from settings may be the problem also with the wireless adapter. Sometimes, we turn off the wifi adapter by mistake and when we check for available wifi networks as result shows no wireless network available.

So you should check the wireless adapter is enable or disable. If you are getting wireless adapter is disabled please enable the wireless adapter by following the instructions given below.

  • Open run box, by pressing Windows logo key and R together from the keyboard.
  • Type ncpa.cpl and click on ok.
  • Now you can see some TV screen logotype, its wireless adapter. In this situation, you need to install a new wireless driver.
  • Right-click on the wireless adapter and click on enable.

Finally, wifi adapter will be enabled, now you can try to connect to your wifi.

Wi-fi driver is not up to date:

When we talk about the wifi problem on windows 10 laptop most of the time, people are facing driver outdated problem. You can check your driver is up to date or not by following the below steps.

  • Open run box (press Windows + R key).
  • Type devmgmt.msc in the run box and click on ok.
  • Now right click on your wireless adapter, and click on update driver.

Enable wireless service-

Stopped or not responding Windows wireless services may be the cause wifi issue for the laptop. You should try to restart the wireless services by following the instructions given below.

  • Open run box, by pressing Windows logo key and R together from the keyboard
  • In the Box type services.msc and click on ok
  • Scroll down and choose WLAN settings,
  • If WLAN service is stopped, then you need to click on start, if it is showing start, then you need to click on restart.
  • Now restart your computer and try to make a wifi connection.

Install Latest Driver-

If you have followed all these steps, but still wifi not working on windows 10 laptop it says about the corrupt wireless driver. In that situation, you should try to uninstall the wireless driver from your computer and reinstall the latest driver for your computer. For more information about driver installation, read our article on how to install a driver in windows computer.

Default restore windows-

The wifi not working a problem on the windows 10 laptop can also be generated due to bad update on windows pc. Windows gets an update from time to time. These updates make it for better performance and security. Updates run in the background without our notice and information.

Sometimes we do not know updated are going on and we shut down the computer or electricity outage. In that situation, particular files which were updating got corrupted. Files can be anything driver, an application, as well as windows system, files also.

There is no other option apart from restoring the computer at backdating. Windows creates many rollbacks restore points before installing any new updates. With the help of that restore point, we can recover those files which have been corrupted.

We know most of the people don’t know how to restore the computer. So we have also posted an article about how to restore your computer to the backdate when it was working fine. Just read the article and fix this problem.


Hope it will help you and your windows computer wifi will start working fine. Above steps are enough for fixing any type of wireless problem. Apart from that if you are getting something else problem please inform us through the comment below we will surely update the article with the solution.


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