Repairing Tips For Black Screen On Laptop?

Read Solutions for Black Screen On Laptop Problem-

Computers and laptops create many problems during their life cycle. One of the worst problems is the black screen on the laptop. We can say this is the worst problem because there is no display error on the screen, so we can not recognize and fix it easily.

Sometimes we hear the laptop is spinning sound, but nothing comes up,, and the power light indicates as usual. This problem indicates ram issues. Clean your ram, and it will solve your black screen problem.

The most common issue, your screen is black, but you can see and move the mouse cursor. So it is quite irritating and scary issue. There are lots of reasons for the black screen, but most of them you can fix by following steps.

Solution 1- Fix Black Screen by Checking video cable connections

You have to check your display cable connection. Sometimes in the desktop, display cable or VGA cable unplugged from the screen, and it could be the reason for the black screen.

Black screen problem occurs due to VGA cable usually in desktop computers. It also on the laptop if you are using a two-screen connection with the laptop. If you have a screen fluctuation problem, it indicates damaged video cable.

Solution 2- Change the resolution and graphics settings

Resolution and the graphics settings play an essential roll in any computer or laptop. If you will change the resolution more than supported by your screen, turn into the black screen on the laptop.

An old model monitor doesn’t support high resolution and turns into the black screen. It also happens once you are using a graphics card on your laptop or desktop.

Follow below steps for resetting high resolution-

  1. If you can access your screen after changing your resolution from high to low like 800*600, this is the minimum resolution, which supports maximum screens.
  2. In case you have a black screen and can’t change the settings, restart your computer in safe mode. There are two options for starting a safe mode.

A). First, restart your computer and keep pressing the F8 function key. Now select safe mode.

B). Second, press Windows logo key+R together. A run dialogue box will open. Type here “MSConfig” and click ok. Now go to the boot menu and checkmark safe boot from here. Click on apply and then ok. Restart your laptop in safe mode.

After starting in safe mode, all the user settings revert into the windows default setting. Now you can change resolution from here. Sometimes you can solve the black screen on laptop problems by removing a graphics card if using.

Solution 3- Restart explorer.exe process again

Explorer.exe process manages the desktop, taskbar and also gives graphics content on your operating system. You can get a black screen problem, and everything becomes invisible due to the explorer.exe process stop running on the laptop.

You can fix explorer.exe by following steps-

  • Press Ctrl+Shift and Esc keys together from your keyboard
  • A window box Task Manager will open on the screen. If it’s not coming, press Ctrl+Alt and Delete and select Task Manager.
  • Now from the left top corner, click on the file menu and go to New TaskRun
  • A new pop up window will open on the screen by the name create a new task
  • Now type here explorer.exe and click on Ok
  • It will restart explorer.exe, and most probably screen will come up

Sometimes explorer.exe gets stuck and gives the black screen. In this situation follow the below steps-

  • Again press Ctrl+Shift and Esc keys together on your keyboard
  • The same window box Task Manager will open on the screen. If it’s not coming, press Ctrl+Alt and Delete and select Task Manager.
  • Now click on the process and search explorer.exe process
  • Right-click on explorer.exe and go to the End Process
  • It will restart your computer with your window screen

Solution 4- Go to the safe mode and roll back recent changes

Time to time, we update the windows or software. Sometimes we also install a few new software according to use. This software may change your screen resolution or damage your explorer files.

The software which is not compatible with your windows can cause of black screen. For fixing this type of black screen problem, you have to revert the settings which you made also uninstall the unwanted software.

Sometimes a virus comes with fake third party software and cleaners and damages your explorer file. In this case, you have to start your computer in safe and scan with a good antivirus after scanning restart your explorer.exe from above solution 3.

Solution 5- Black screen on Laptop due to RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) may be the reason for the black screen on a laptop. If the laptop is running or spinning but not giving any display, it causes of faulty RAM or not accessible by CPU.

Apply simple steps to fix this problem with RAM-

  • Remove RAM from the motherboard or laptop and clean its points(copper contact) with plain white paper. You can use the white eraser for cleaning RAM because carbon collects between the jack and ends, which easily removes by paper and eraser.
  • Clean RAM jack also on the laptop or motherboard.
  • Put RAM back and start your computer. If it doesn’t work, try the cleaning process again.
  • Still not works and system are on it indicates towards faulty RAM.
  • Install new RAM, and it will solve your issue.

Sometimes the user installs extra RAM more than supported by a motherboard or laptop. It can also the reason for the black screen on a laptop.

Solution 6- Update driver of Laptop

The role of a driver can’t be explained with one word on the laptop. The driver creates the connection between hardware and software components. Due to driver laptop can create many hardware issues apart from the black screen.

It may due to corrupt or evil drivers create a black screen on a laptop. Not only driver windows updates also one of the reasons for laptop problems. It is necessary to update the windows and its driver from time to time.

You can use windows update and third-party software for driver installation or updating. I want to suggest you go with the company(laptop brand) website and its driver support page. Third-party software also tries to install unwanted software that is harmful to the laptop.

Solution 7- Black Screen After Signing into Windows Login Screen

Windows starts and gives you a login screen or loading screen. After typing the password into the login screen or loading screen, we get a black screen apart from the home desktop screen. This is one of the most common problems.

Some people think it happens due to the virus, and some due to windows registry settings changes. Windows registry is a very sensitive part of the computer. Never try to make any changes; otherwise, windows may slow down even crash also.

It is also possible viruses can damage registry files, and you get a black screen on a laptop. Anyhow, registry changes by myself or by the virus can be a cause of the black screen. Sometimes it works after restarting explorer.exe files. You can start explorer.exe by following the above steps.

You should scan your laptop with a good Antivirus for fixing the problem black screen on a laptop after logging issue. There are lots of Antiviruses available on the market. You can install one of trustworthy from them., these are some branded and trustful antivirus names.

Here we are going to explain their installation and how to scan in safe mode from one of them. Let’s start with with its installation.

Norton Antivirus Installation steps-

  • First bought a Norton antivirus from
  • After purchase, you can get its activation key through email
  • Now download Norton free setup from the website(link). Norton also sends a downloadable link through activation email
  • Now run the downloaded setup by double click on it. Follow the instruction and finish the installation
  • It will ask you to create your Norton profile. use your phone number, and email id create your Norton profile
  • Now your trial pack of Norton will activate
  • Next, click on Help from the home screen of Norton Antivirus. It will show Helping options
  • Click on Enter product key. Now type your activation key and activate your antivirus
  • Now scan your whole system and delete detected virus permanently
  • After examining the restart, I hope you will not get the black screen on a laptop.
  • Still getting some error please write us in the comment section below we will update the solution.

Solution 8- Hard reset from power

Hard resets can work with some models of laptops. You can follow the below steps for hard resetting the laptop-

  • Power off or shut down your laptop
  • Disconnect all the external devices like mouse, keyboard or USB anything
  • Remove the battery from the laptop
  • Remove charger connection form laptop
  • Press and hold power on-off switch for one minute at least
  • Connect the charger to your laptop and turn it on
  • Turn off again and plug the battery again
  • Now turn it on and  proper shut down your laptop and disconnect the charger
  • Now connect the charger again and turn it on
  • Few laptops work and can fix by these steps

Solution 9- Restore Laptop from Backdate

If you are getting a black screen on a laptop frequently or stuck on the same screen sometimes, it shows bad updates of windows. In this case, you can restore your windows on the backdate when it was working or a new reset as bought.

New reset removes all your data and application and makes your laptop just like a new one. The drawback is data and application loss. Sometimes it can also destroy your windows permanently.

We will suggest this as last option before below steps-

Restore and Reset steps for Windows 10-

If you get the black screen on your laptop after windows login. In that case, you may try to factory restore your windows laptop.

For brief information, you may visit: how to factory restore your windows laptop. 

 Solution 10- Reset BIOS

BIOS(Basic Input/Output System) is the first chipset that starts at first after pressing the power-on button. It stores a random command for executing devices and windows. It checks all the hardware component and their connection. BIOS is responsible for booting windows files.

BIOS gets an update from time to time from their respective manufacturer. It downloads all the updates and executes it at starting the laptop. Once in awhile, we notice windows take much time from usual at starting. This time BIOS executes their updates.

Sometimes BIOS won’t execute the updates properly and start giving errors. One of the errors is a black screen on the laptop comes up after starting or login in windows. In this case, we need to reset the BIOS setting as default.

Reset BIOS setting-

  • Turn off the laptop and unplug the power cord from it
  • Remove the battery from the laptop
  • Now connect the power cord and press the power button by holding it for 30 seconds
  • Now turn off your laptop and remove the power cable
  • Plug the battery in and also the power cord
  • Restart your laptop again. It will reset your BIOS

Note-In some models, this above procedure doesn’t work. For resetting BIOS, you have to remove the BIOS battery from the motherboard.


We have tried to explain the solution also with images. If we get any new solution, we will update it as soon as possible.


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