Why is wifi not working on windows 10 Laptop ?

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

Troubleshoot : Wifi is not working on windows 10 laptop –

Hello Folks,

One of our subscriber has sent an request to write an article on wifi not working on windows 10 laptop. I am going to mention his email,

wifi not working on windows 10

Hi fixotip team,

I have windows 10 laptop pc and it was working fine since last night.

after finishing my work, I had shutdown my laptop and went sleep. When I my pc on this morning, all of sudden, my wifi not working. It is showing no connections are available.

Last time, my brother printer won’t connect to wifi, so that time I came to your website time and read the steps to troubleshoot the wifi problem, I was able to fix that problem by myself. With the same hope, I am asking you guys to write something on, how can I fix wifi is not working on windows 10 pc problem.


Lionel Gurski ,

Just because of this email, we have decided to write an article on wifi issue on windows 10 laptop, so we can help our readers (like : lisa jordan) to become more tech friendly.

Well, wifi not working on windows 10 pc problem can be because of few common reasons, the first and very common reason for this problem is windows update. When your laptop gets any update from microsoft, on that time wifi stopped working on windows 10 pc.  so today we are going to share some information about how to troubleshoot such kind of problem.

Basic Tips for troubleshooting wifi not working on windows 10-

  1. Power Cycle Devices – As we always suggest, before you will go for any further steps:

first you should try to reboot your devices, so you should try to reboot your wireless router, and computer and then try to connect with wifi, if you are not able to connect to wifi, then you may follow the steps bellow.

  1. Turn On Wifi- every laptop or computer has a button to turn the wireless on or off. So you should try to turn on the wifi button by pressing the button.

Advance steps for Troubleshooting Wifi not working on windows 10 pc:


  1. Enable Wireless Adapter- most of the time, we have wifi not working on windows 10 issue, just because we had disabled the wireless adapter by mistake, so you should make sure that wireless apapter is not turned off. You may follow these instructions to enable the wireless adapter.
    • Open run box,
    • Type ncpa.cpl and click on ok.
    • Right click on wireless adapter and click on enable.

    Finally wifi adapter will be enable , so you can go ahead and try to connect with wifi now.

  2. Wi-fi driver is outdated: when you have an old computer, the wifi issue could be generated on laptop.

just because of drivers are outdated, so you should try to update the driver. For updating the drivers, you may go ahead and follow these instructions :

  • Open run box (press windows + R key).
  • Type devmgmt.msc in the run box and click on ok.
  • Click on network adapters,
  • Now right click on your wireless adapter, and click on update driver.

Finally you need to follow the instructions and your driver will be updated.

  1.  Turn on wifi from settings- many times; we have encountered windows 10 won’t connect to wifi issue, just because of one silly mistake. That we make, but we do not realize, which is, we turn off the wifi from settings.
    so you should go to settings, and try to turn on the wifi settings from there. You may try these instructions to turn on the wifi. For more information you may follow, how to turn on wifi on windows 10 pc.
  2.  Enable wireless service- if your windows wireless services are stopped from services.msc.

it may cause wifi issue for laptop. so you should try to restart the wireless services, to restart the wireless services, you may follow these instructions:

  • Open run box,
  • Type services.msc and click on ok
  • Scroll down and choose WLAN settings,
  • If WLAN service is stop, then you need to click on start, if it is showing start, then you need to click on restart.
  1. Install Latest Driver- if you have tried to follow these steps, but somehow still, wifi not working on windows 10 laptop, then you should try to uninstall the wireless driver from your computer and reinstall the latest driver for your computer. for more information you may visit : how to install driver in windows computer-
  2. Default restore windows- a wifi issue on windows laptop , can generate because of bad update on windows pc as well. so you should try to restore your computer to the back date. when it was working fine. read more about system restore.

Finally the wifi on your windows computer will start working fine.

somehow, if wifi is still not working on your computer, you should try to install a new wireless adapter on your computer then you should check the wireless connection, hope this will start working fine.
If you are having any other problem with your device, you may leave a comment bellow, we will try to share some useful information on our next post.

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