Why Is My Netgear Genie Saying You Are Not Connected To Internet?

Error: Netgear genie says, you are not connected to the internet.

This is the most common problem people are reporting for. every day, when anyone tries to set up a new or old Netgear wireless router.

they might face this issue during the installation process.

if you are also going through this problem and looking for the solution. do not worry, we are here to share some instructions on how to fix you have not connected to the internet.

Just follow them and troubleshoot your problem by yourself without inviting any technicians at your door.

Basic tips for resolving you are not connected to internet issue:

  • Whenever you have any problem with any router. I always suggest you reboot your router and modem first and wait for 1 minute. after rebooting the router, if you are getting blue light, then you can try to access the internet.

but if you are getting orange light on your router, then I will suggest you check the internet connection.

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  • Make sure you are getting internet on your modem. for checking the internet connection. you may look at internet light on your modem. if you are getting blue or green light. then you are getting internet.

But if you are not getting a blue or green light, I will suggest you contact your internet service provider and ask them for the solution.

  • Make sure you have connected your modem from internet (WAN) port of your Netgear router via ethernet cable.

Advance troubleshooting steps to resolve not connected to internet issue:

If you have made the proper connection between router and modem and you are getting blue internet light on your modem.

but still, your Netgear router is not working. I will suggest you check the following settings:

Check Connection type – 

before you will try to set up your Netgear router. you should check the internet connection. the internet service providers are sharing various type of internet connection. I have listed them below:

  • DHCP
  • PPOE
  • PPTP
  • Bridge Mode

So if you are planning to a setup Netgear router. make sure, you know about the internet connection type and you should also have knowledge about internet settings, like IP address, username, password etc.

in case, if you don’t have internet configuration settings.you can call your internet service provider to know about internet connection type and settings.

after getting the internet settings, you may configure your Netgear router manually.

Configure Netgear router manually –  

if you have PPPoE connection type. in that case, your modem will not able to identify the internet connection type. so I will suggest you configure your Netgear router manually by following the instructions given below:

  • Open Netgear router setup page.
  • Go to internet settings.
  • Choose the internet connection type and fill the info: like username and password.
  • After filling the info, you can click on apply changes.

Finally, your router will reboot and if settings will be correct. then your router would have the connection to the internet.

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Hard Reset the router – 

if your router is not able to identify the internet connection and it is giving you same message again and again. I will suggest you reset the router.

For resetting the router, you need to press and hold the reset button for 1 minute. after releasing the button, you need to reboot your router.

once your router will be rebooted, you may go ahead and try to set up your Netgear router again.

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