Why Does My Iphone won’t Connect To WiFi Router ?

Troubleshoot: How To Fix iPhone won’t Connecting To Wifi :

Are you Facing “iPhone won’t connect to wifi” problem? Do not worry, here we are going to share some useful information to resolve wireless network connectivity problem.

So follow the instructions and fix the Apple iPhone is not connecting to wifi problem by yourself.

Causes of iPhone won’t connect to wifi –

  • Invalid username & Password.
  • Low Wireless signals.
  • IOS is outdated.

Basic Troubleshooting steps:

Reboot The Devices- Before you will for any advance troubleshooting, first you should try to reboot your iPhone and wireless phone.

Once your router and iPhone will restart successfully, you should try to connect your iPhone to the wifi again.

Turn On Wireless- if you can’t see wireless network on your iPhone. there is a possibility of wifi turned off.

so you need to turn on the wifi by following the steps below :

  • Go to Settings from Menu.
  • Tap the wireless ( WiFi ) option.
  • slide the button, to turn on wifi.

Advance  steps for troubleshooting iPhone are not connecting to the wireless network:

if you have tried all the above options, but still your is having the wireless connectivity problem. you need to follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Invalid Username or Password- most of the time, we make mistake in typing the password. when we try to connect our phone to the wifi.

that’s why you need to make sure that you are typing the correct password. as we already know that passwords are always case sensitive. so you can double check your password from your router.

Low wireless Signal – almost every wireless router provide signals within 20-30 Meter. so if you trying to connect your iPhone to wifi, you need to make sure you are in 20-meter range.

Forget This Network – if you have made any changes in wireless settings on the router. this may cause iPhone won’t connect to wifi.

in such a situation, you need to delete old wireless network profile and then try to connect to wifi again.

  • Press the menu button and Go to settings.
  • Top of Wifi Option.
  • Top on I icon presented on the Right side of your wifi.
  • click on forget this network.
  • Now you will able to see a confirmation message, you need to click on forget.

Finally, the old wifi profile will be deleted from your iPhone, now you can try to connect to your wifi once again.

Change Wireless Channel – wireless channels are always responsible for your network performance. whether it is about 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.

when these wireless channels have high competition. there might offer you a poor wireless connection. so you should try to set up your wireless channel on 9. for more information you may visit at: How do I change the wireless channel?

Update The IOS –

 if you are using old iPhone, it might be asking for IOS update. and that could be the reason for iPhone won’t connect to wifi problem. so you should try to update the IOS Properly.

To Update The ios, You may follow the instructions below:

  • Go to settings and tap on general option.
  • Now click on software update.
  • Click on Update, if there is an update need for your phone.

Factory Restore iPhone-  if you have tried all the steps above but still your iPhone won’t connect to wifi. in such a situation, you should try to factory restore your phone.

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on general.
  • Click on Reset.
  • Now Choose reset all settings.
  • Confirm Reset all settings.

Finally, your phone will start restoring itself to the factory settings.

Note- before you will restore your phone. you should keep the back up of your data at some safe place.


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