How Do I Uninstall The Software From Windows Computer –

How to uninstall the software from windows computer-

when you install multiple software into your computer. it consumes lots of disk space into your computer. which may cause low disk error or computer is running slow problem.
so you should try to optimize your computer by removing all third party or useless software from your computer.
But If you don’t know about how to uninstall the software from windows computer. you may follow the instructions given below to remove the programs from your computer.

Method 1- Uninstall the software from windows computer using Control Panel-

you can simply uninstall the program using control panel. for uninstalling the program, you need to follow the instructions below.

  • Press Windows + R key to open the run box.
  • Type appwiz.cpl in the box and press the run box
  • when you will able to see Uninstall or change a program window, Right click on software name, and click on uninstall.

uninstall the software from windows pc


  • After clicking on uninstall, you will able to see confirmation message, click on yes.
  • Now Follow the instructions and click on finish.

opera uninstall

  • Finally your software will be uninstalled from your computer, sometime, it may require to reboot your computer.

Method 2- uninstall the program from Windows computer using revo uninstaller-

revo uninstaller is a tool to uninstall programs from computer. it helps you in removing unwanted programs from your computer and delete registry for the program as well. so if you are having difficulty in removing any program. you can simply use revo uninstaller to uninstall the program.
You may download and install the revo uninstaller from revo’s official website or download the tools from here.

  • Open the revo uninstaller tool.
  • Choose the program, you want to uninstall and click on uninstall.
  • Now you will able to see uninstall mode window. in this window, you can moderate mode and click on next.
  • finally your software will start uninstalling. once the software will be uninstalled. you will able to see the list of registry files. you may delete them as well.

I hope, now you will be able to uninstall the software by yourself. if you are having any other problem with your computer or any other device. please leave a comment below.
we will try to resolve that problem in our next post.


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