How To Fix Windows Computer Is Running Slow

How Do I Solve Windows Computer is Running Slow

This is usually happening to almost every user when they buy a new computer. It works fine for six months or a year and then it starts computer is running slow gradually.

People never recognize what could be the possible reasons for windows computer is running slow problem and how can they troubleshoot slow performance problem?

Most of the time, we blame the viruses for a slow computer while it is not true at all. there can we some other reasons behind slow performance problem. Today in this article, we will try to provide you a simple and easy step by which you can easily boost up your speed.

The computer running slow problem usually comes when we do not optimize our computer properly or due to virus issues. some of you might not know which antivirus or Computer optimization software is good for the computers. we will discuss the best antivirus also trustworthy in the article as well.

Steps for How To Fix Windows Computer is running Slow Issue-

I have given all possible reasons and troubleshooting steps in the details below. you can apply them to solve slow computer speed. If one step doesn’t work try another. We are sure one of them surely speed up your computer.

Cleaning of C:\\ Drive–

Windows system files are always saved to the C:\\ drive by default. Consequently, other software files also install into C: drive. So, C: drive is a very important part of any system. If this drive is containing full of junks, probably cause of slow computer.

Everyone must need to clean junk and bad files from their C: drive regularly. For cleaning the c:\\ drive you may follow the instructions given below-

  1. Open run box, by pressing windows +R key.
  2. Type cleanmgr in the run box and press ok.
  3. Now your computer will start analyzing the c:// drive. This may take some time. Be patience.
  4. Once your computer will analyze the C:// drive, it will show the list of all folders which need to be cleaned. You need to check all of them and click on ok.
  5. Finally, it will ask the confirmation message for deletion. Click on delete files for next.

Remove Junk and Temporary files-

A computer creates a lot of temporary and junk files for windows operation. After performing the operation it removes some files and left few files behind for future uses. These files keep storing in the primary memory and using RAM result slow down the speed.

Usually three places from where we have to remove files. Follow the below instructions to remove those junk temporary files-

  1. Open run box, by pressing windows +R key.
  2. Type %temp% in the run box and press ok.
  3. A new window will appear with some folders.
  4. Select all and delete all of them also from recycle bin.
  5. Just like you have open a run box and type %temp% same as open the run box and type prefetch command one by one in the run window box.
  6. Every command opens a new window contains the same type of junk and temporary folders.
  7. Select all of them and remove one by one.
  8. In the last empty recycle bin also.

Optimize Your Browsers

After cleaning the computer, it’s a time to optimize your browsers.  You have to delete the temp files, cookies, and history from your browsers. We have already explained it in details before, you can check at how to delete cookies and temp files from the browser?

Scan For Virus –

You may have “the computer is running slow problem” because of viruses on your computer. In this case, you need to scan your computer with a good antivirus. I would like to suggest you scan your computer with Malwarebytes antivirus program.

After complete scanning restarts the computer and runs hitman pro also as a secondary antivirus. Hitman pro can remove bad cookies and cache saved in your computer also from browsers.

Removing Third Party Software-

There is so many software available in the market, which can destroy your computer. mostly the third party software. Third party software continuously works and consume processor and RAM in the background. This consumption slows down actual work efficiency of computer and slows down speed.

So it is necessary to remove unwanted software and for removing visit how to uninstall software from the windows computer

After performing all these steps computer will start running fast. To keep your computer always healthy and fast, you should try to optimize your computer after every month.

I hope these above instructions will help you a lot also have any other problem with your computer live comment below. Our expert will revert back you.


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