How Do I Troubleshoot Linksys Router disconnects Frequently?

Troubleshoot Linksys Router disconnects frequently:

What do you do when your Linksys router disconnects frequently from the internet? Do you plan To Replace the Linksys router?

If you do so, I will say, stop doing that and follow the instructions given below. I am sure you will able to troubleshoot the Linksys disconnects frequently problem by yourself.

When we talk about the root cause of this problem, there can be several reasons behind it.  This is listed below:

  1. ISP Issue.
  2. Bad Network Connection
  3. Network Card issue.
  4. Firmware issue.

ISP Issue Or DSL /Modem Issue-

Before you will go for any further Option. First, you need to make sure, you do not have disconnects frequently problem from your internet service provider.

So I will suggest you connect your computer directly to the modem, Now try to access the internet for a while. If you are having the same problem, This problem is from ISP Side.

In that situation, I will suggest you contact your Internet Service Provider Company and ask them to fix it.

Network Card Issue or driver issue-

when you are having Linksys router disconnects frequently on computer only. This problem can be related to network adapter only.

In that situation, I will suggest you uninstall the network adapter driver from your computer.

For uninstalling the network adapter driver, you need to follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Run Box using Windows + R key from the keyboard.
  2. Type Devmgmt.msc in the top box and Press ok.
  3. Expand the network adapters, right click on the wireless driver and click on uninstall.
  4. Check on deleting the driver files, and Hit on uninstall button.

Once the network adapter driver will uninstall, you should simply reboot your computer.

After rebooting the computer, your computer will automatically detect and install the wireless driver for it.

But somehow if your computer is unable to find the wireless driver, you have to install it manually.

Bad Connection Issue-

You may have Linksys router frequently disconnects issue, just because of bad network connectivity or poor network connectivity. So I will suggest you check the signal strength of your wireless network.

Also, try to change the wireless channel and wireless encryption type. According to me, You should set your wireless channel on 9 and try to use WEP as a wireless encryption mode.

Update Router Firmware-

when you are using an old Linksys wireless router. You may have disconnects frequently problem only because of old firmware.

So you need to make sure, you do not have old firmware, if you do, I will suggest you update the Linksys router firmware.

Reset the wireless router-

this is the last option for troubleshooting Linksys router disconnects frequently the problem. If you are still having the same problem with your Linksys router, I will suggest you reset the reset the Linksys router and set up your Linksys router again.

After performing all steps given above, you will fix Linksys router disconnects frequently the issue.


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