How To Change TP Link Wireless Password?

We need wifi password for connecting devices to the internet and generally, we forget the password. Here we will provide you easiest way to change TP-Link wireless password.

Wireless password gives a secure intranet network in your home. With the help of password devices and gadgets can connect to the internet.

Steps for recovering wireless password

There are two specific way to recover wireless password-

  1. Login to router settings
  2. By resetting router settings

Login to router settings :

This step is very easy and useful for recovering or changing the password. This is time-saving also but there is only one restriction. Device (PC, Laptop or tablet) must connect with your TP link router if it does not follow second steps.

Open browser on the device which is connecting to the router via wire cable or wireless. Type login it into the address bar.

Login IP depends on the router to router or companies. By default, companies have or, IP addresses. These three login ips mostly work.

After typing ip into address bar hit enter and it will prompt a box for username and password. Usually, TP-Link devices have some specific login access. Below are few-

Password                     Username

  • admin                   admin
  • password             admin
  • (leave blank)       admin


Now you will get TP-Link router setting screen. On the left corner, there is an option Wireless. Click on it and go to wireless security. Here you can see your wireless security key or password.

From here you can also change your wireless password by changing the key. TP-Link router has a very user-friendly setting tab so anyone can handle it.

By resetting router settings :

This procedure is useful once you are not connected to the router (Note- You can connect your laptop directly to the router LAN port and follow the first step). If you have no option to connect to the router then need to reset the router.

After resetting it will insecure or passwordless then you can connect. For resetting router first need to know about your internet connection type, is it PPPoE or dynamic.

If the connection is PPPoE, it needs username and password provided by your internet provider otherwise you will lose the internet.

Steps for reset-

The router must be power on. Look at the back of your router there is a small tiny button or hole depends upon the model. Use a paper clip or pen and press a hold for 30 seconds.

All the lights will blink random and together for a while. Now release the button and restart the router by removing and plugging the power chord.

Now try to connect to the insecure wireless network and follow all the instruction shown in the first step.

This is a very easy and simple method to handle your router and solving How to change TP-Link wireless password. We try to explain in details but if any special query or concern you can also leave comments below. We will back to your promise.


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