7 Steps To Fix Asus Laptop Sound Not Working Problem | Audio Issue

“This post is about how to fix Asus laptop sound not working problem.

in this post, we have shared the causes of sound is not working issue along with the troubleshooting steps.”

My friend loves to watch movies on her Asus laptop with full sound. Whenever she gets free time.

I always found her watching movies or listen to music on her laptop.

Last week, she called me with her Asus laptop sound not working problem during the watching movie

For a while, she thought this problem could be related to speakers. So she tried to insert an earphone into her laptop and played a movie again.

But still, she was having the sound problem on Asus laptop.

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Without wasting more time, she decided to call me and ask for help. So I went to her home and fixed the audio problem.

There I realized, I should also write a blog on how to fix the audio problem in Asus laptop.

That’s why I have written this post.

Why Is Asus Laptop Sound Not Working-

Before I talk about the steps for solving the sound problem on Asus laptop.

First lets me tell you about what can be the reason for Asus laptop sound not working issue.

You may have an audio problem on Asus laptop just because of following reasons.

  1. Speakers are not plugged in a proper way.
  2. Driver issue.
  3. Audio service issue.
  4. The sound card is damaged.

So these are few basic symptoms of sound is not working issue, which may drop you into an audio problem at any time.

Now it’s a time to fix the issue but before that, I have a quick question for you all.

Are you dealing with sound is not working issue with any single file or application or it’s happening with every program?

try to play a song or video on another software (like- vlc media, real player etc.). If you can hear the sound from other programs.

It means you have muted the sound for that specific app.

In that case, you have to un-mute the sound by using these steps.

  • Click on the sound icon.
  • Now click on the mixer.
  • here you will able to see the name of your all programs. that is using the audio service right now.

If you find a mute icon in front of anyone, unmute it.

You need to follow the steps given below if you are facing Asus laptop sound not working with all programs.

How To Fix the Sound problem on Asus laptop (Basic Steps)-

  • When you have the sound issue, you should try to reboot your PC once and try to play a video or song again. If you can still not hear any audio, you need to use the go for further steps.
  • Usually, people mute the audio by mistake. due to that, they don’t get any noise from there laptop or PC, when they try to play any audio or video.

So make sure, you have also not repeated the same mistake.

asus laptop sound not working , asus laptop no sound

If you find the mute sign on your sound icon. you need to go ahead and un-mute it.

  • Plug in the earphone into your laptop and check if you can hear any audio now.

If you hear the audio from earphones, it’s a problem from the speakers or audio settings.

in this case, first, you need to check the audio settings, if everything looks fine there.

in that case, you have to change the speakers.

  • Check if there are two or more audio drivers exist on your laptop.

if you find two sound drivers, you need to uninstall both of them and restart the pc.

Once you will reboot the PC, it will automatically find the best driver for itself.

How To Fix Sound Is Not Working On Asus Laptop (Advance Steps)–

Check Audio Settings-

First of all, you should check the audio settings. make sure, you have selected your speakers as a default speaker.

asus laptop sound not working, sound is not working on asus laptop

  • Click on the sound icon
  • Click on mixer
  • In the playback section, you need to select your speaker and click on set default.
  • Now double click on speakers, and go to label.
  • Here you need to increase the volume and click on ok again.

Change Audio Format- 

You may have Asus laptop sound, not working problem due to invalid audio format.

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you need to change the default format.

  • Go to the control panel.
  • click on sound.
  • Select the speaker and click on properties.
  • Now go to advance, and select the format one by one and click on test

In my opinion, you should test with 16 bit, 44100 Hz first and then try others.

  • once you will find the right audio format, you need to click on ok.

Run windows troubleshooting –

Before you will go for any further steps, first I will suggest you try to run windows troubleshooting program.

This will detect the issue automatically and fix it by itself. if it will be fixable?

In order to run the windows troubleshooting, you may follow the steps given below.

asus laptop sound not working , asus laptop no sound

  • Click on the start button and go to the control panel.
  • Click on troubleshooting.
  • Select hardware and sound.
  • Now click on playing audio.
  • After clicking on playing audio, you will get troubleshooting window, you need to click on next.
  • Now windows troubleshooting will start detecting the problem by itself.

it may take some time. After detecting the problem, you will get an option to fix this problem.

here you need to click on apply to fix.

Finally, your laptop will automatically fix the sound problem.

but if you are still having the sound problem on Asus laptop.

I will suggest you follow the techniques given below

Update the sound driver-

In the recent Windows OS, many people are going through the sound problem on asus laptop just because of the audio driver is outdated.

So do not forget to check for the driver update. For updating the sound driver you may follow the steps given below:

asus laptop sound not working , asus laptop no sound

  1. Open run box using windows + R key.
  2. Type devmgmt.msc in the box and press ok.
  3. Now you will able to see device manager window, expand sound, video and game controller.
  4. Now you will able your sound driver. you need to right click on it and click on update driver.
  5. After clicking on update driver, you will see driver update window, here you need to choose the search automatically for updated driver software.
  6. Now you need to wait until it will find the latest driver and install it into the asus laptop.

Restart the audio service –

many times, people are going through audio issue on Asus laptop when audio services are not working.

So I think, you should try to restart the audio services once.

asus laptop sound not working , asus laptop no sound

  1. Open run box.
  2. Type services.msc and press ok.
  3. Now scroll down and select windows audio services.
  4. Click on restart. you will find it on the top left-hand side window.

After restarting the audio service, you should try to play a song once again.

let’s see if you can hear a sound from your laptop.

Uninstall the sound driver-

If you can see many sound drivers on your Asus laptop.

I will guide you to uninstall all of them and install the newer version of the sound driver into your laptop.

  1. Open run box, type devmgmt.msc, command and then press ok.
  2. Go to sound, video and game controller.
  3. Right click on the sound driver and click on uninstall.
  4. Check on deleting the driver software for this device and press ok.

After uninstalling the driver, you need to restart your PC once.
You may download the latest sound driver from Asus official website.

for more details, you may visit: how to install the sound driver on Asus laptopFactory Restore the laptop-

after using all these steps, if you are still having Asus laptop sound not working problem.

It’s a time to restore your windows to the backdate, when your laptop was working fine.

But before restoring the laptop, do not forget to take the back up of your recent apps.

because you will lose them after restore. so you have to install them once again.

Finally audio will start working fine on your laptop. If you have any other problem on your laptop.

you may leave the comment below. We will reply to it with the solution.

Thank you for reading this blog,