Asus Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi | Wifi Troubleshooting

When your Asus laptop is not picking up wifi, there can be several reasons behind it. today, in this article, we are going to discuss how to fix Asus laptop wifi not working problem.

So if you are having wifi problems on your laptop, read this article until the end and apply wifi troubleshooting techniques to fix the wifi problem by yourself.

Causes of Asus laptop wifi is not working problem –

  1. Driver issue.
  2. Wireless settings problem.
  3. Wifi adapter problem

Basic techniques for Asus laptop wifi problem troubleshooting:

Reboot the computer-

I always suggest everyone restart the computer first before applying any troubleshooting steps.

So whenever your Asus laptop won’t connect to wifi, I will suggest you reboot the computer first. After rebooting the computer, you should check the wifi settings.

Check wireless settings-

usually, people face the Asus laptop won’t connect to wifi problem, just because they have turned off the wifi by mistake. you need to make sure, you have turned on the wifi. for the brief information, you may also visit: how to turn on wifi settings on windows?

Check wireless adapter settings-

Also, you should check the wireless adapter settings because you might have disabled it by mistake.  For checking the wireless adapter settings you need to follow the instructions given below:

  1. Open Run Box using windows +R key.
  2. Type ncpa.cpl and then press the ok button.
  3. Check wireless network adapter, if it is showing disabled, you need to enable it.

After enabling the wireless adapter, you should try to connect your Asus laptop to the wireless network. let’s see the problem is resolved or not.

Advance techniques to fix Asus laptop won’t connect to wifi-

If you have used the basic wireless troubleshooting techniques to resolve Asus laptop wifi problems but still you are having the same issue.

Do not worry, just keep calm yourself and follow these advanced techniques to troubleshoot the wireless problem by yourself.

Restart wireless Services-

When wireless services in windows computer are not responding you may face Asus laptop won’t connect to wifi.

In that case, I think you should try to restart the wireless settings once. for restarting the wireless settings you need to follow the instructions given below:

  • Open the run box.
  • Type Services.msc and press ok.
  • Now scroll down and look for windows wireless services.
  • Once you will see windows services, you need to restart the windows services.

After restarting the wifi service, you should try to connect your laptop to the wifi.

Update Wireless driver-

You might face an Asus laptop won’t connect to wifi problem, just because of the outdated driver. So I will suggest you check for the driver update.

If you find any update for your wireless driver, I will instruct you to install it on your computer.

Uninstall & reinstall the wireless driver-

If the wireless driver is not compatible with the laptop, it may restrict your laptop from connecting to the wireless network.

In that situation, I will suggest you remove the wireless driver from your computer and install the latest version of the wireless driver.

After restarting the wireless driver you should try to connect your laptop to the wifi. I am sure your laptop will start working fine.

System Restore –

If none of the above steps works for troubleshooting the Asus laptop won’t connect to wifi problem. I will suggest you perform the system restore on your computer. After restoring the computer, your computer will start working fine. For more information, you may visit: how to perform a system restore in windows computer.