How To Setup Belkin Range Extender Without Cd ?

Easy Way To setup Belkin Range Extender :

Most people don’t know what is range extender also how to set up Belkin range extender. Router signals become weak after a particular area. So the router is not sufficient for covering the big wireless area. Wireless extender uses for connecting all the devices with internet in big offices and homes.

The wireless range extender is a device, which is used for increasing the signal strength of the wireless network. We can connect all the devices in a big area of the network with the help of many extenders.

In other words, you can say, “wireless range extender works like a booster”.  It increases the wireless signal strength of your router. In this article, I am going to explain, how to set up Belkin range extender?

Requirement For set up Belkin Range Extender-

Below are the instructions for how to set up Belkin range extender. First, I would love to talk about what is the requirement for installing the range extender.

  1. Wireless Network – As we have already told you about how does range extender work. So if you are going to set up a range extender. You must have a wireless network.
  2. Computer or Smartphone– When you will try to install range extender. You need a computer or smartphone. Through which you can configure your extender.

How To install Belkin range extender-

  • Un-box the range extender and plug in the power adapter.
  • Take an Ethernet cable and connect your Belkin range extender to the computer.

Note– If you have a laptop or wireless computer, you may try to connect to your range extender using wifi method.

you will able to see default wireless name, Belkin Ext in your available wireless network list.

  • Open the Web browser, like – google chrome, safari, internet explorer etc also type range extenders IP address in the top address bar.
  • Now you will able to see Belkin range extender welcome page, simply press setup range extender.
  • When you will able to see available wireless networks, choose your wireless network from the list and press next.
  • Here this will ask you for your Passphrase, you need to type your passphrase and press next.
  • Now your Belkin range extender will verify the login credential. if the information will successfully be verified. you will see the confirmation window.
  • In this window, you need to simply click on setup extender, and click on next.

Finally, your range extender will be set up, you may place your range extender, where you are getting the low signal.

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