How Do I Set up Netgear WNR2000 Router Using Windows Computer ?

How To Set up Netgear wnr2000 Router

Hello Guys,
if you have bought a new netgear router but you don’t know about how to set up a netgear router.

do not worry, today, in this article, i am going to show you about how to set up netgear wnr2000 router. so read the article and follow the instructions to set up your router by yourself.

setup netgear router
when we talk about netgear wnr 2000 wireless router. it is a smart WiFi router. so it detects all internet settings and other configuration by itself. all you need to need to do, just make a properly connection between router and modem.

Step 1-

after un-boxing your router from box, first you need to set up connection between router, modem and computer. so you need to follow the instructions bellow:
Connect your modem from internet port of the router via Ethernet cable.
Get another Ethernet cable and connect that cable from Lan port of the router to the computer.
Note- if you have laptop, you can simply connect it to your router via wifi network.

After setting up a connection between your netgear router, modem and computer, it’s a time to power on your router.
So you need to plug in the power cable and wait for 1 minute to have solid green internet light on your router.
If you are not getting solid green light on your router, then you can try to reboot your modem and modem and wait for 1 minute again. For more information you may visit: how to fix netgear router is blinking orange problem?


when you have solid green internet light on your router, then it’s a time to set up netgear wnr2000 router.
so you need to go to your computer and follow the instructions bellow:


Open Any web browser (ex- internet explorer, Mozilla firefox etc.) .
In the top address bar, type and press enter button.
Now you will able to see, we are detecting your connection window. So you wait for a while.
If your netgear wnr200 router will detect the connection successfully then you will able to see, “congratulations! You are connected to the internet message”.
Here you need to click on take me on internet button.
If you are getting, you are not connected to the internet message then you need to visit on: Why is my netgear wnr2000 router is not connecting to the internet?


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