How Do I set up Dell Printer Using USB Cable | Install Printer

Guide : How To Install Dell Printer ?

Before we will go ahead and give you instructions about how to set up dell printer? First Let me tell you more about dell printers and company it self.

We all know, Dell Company have been popular for manufacturing amazing devices and services. specially for computers and printers.

Set up dell printer

when we investigate about top 10 printer brands. Dell has successfully set up it’s name in the top 5 brands. the company is expert in manufacturing smart wifi printers. which comes with so many useful features including smart printing.

Dell Printers have very easy control panel, through which you can manage and configure your printer without having any difficulty.

but when we buy new laptop. you must need to know how to install dell printer. so you can set up it. so here i am going to share set up guide for dell printer. you can simply follow it and set up your printer by yourself.

Requirement For Dell Printer Set up –

There are few basic requirement for setting up every brand new dell printer. which is listed bellow.

  • Computer Or Laptop.
  • Wireless Network (if you want to set up your printer as a wifi printer).
  • Power Connection.

Configure Dell Printer-

If you can fulfil all Requirement, given on top, then it’s a time to install dell printer. so you need to follow these instructions to set up dell printer.

  1. Unbox Dell printer from the box.
  2. Plug in power cable and Power on your printer.
  3. Connect Your printer From Computer Via USB Cable.

Set up Dell Printer Using Cd –

when we buy a new brand new computer. there is a disk came with its accessories.  that disk has printer driver. so you need to insert that disk into your computer and run it.

If you do not have dell printer driver setup disk, then you may download it from dell official website.

  • Select Your Language and click next.

dell printer driver welcome

  • Now You need to accept the license and click on next. After accepting the license, you will reach to connection type method,

install dell printer connection method

in our case, we are going to set up our printer using usb cable. if you want to set up network printer then you may visit how to set up dell wireless printer? 

  • Once you will select the connection method, then this will ask you to connect your printer with computer via USB cable. so you need to connect your printer with computer using USB cable.

install dell printer

  • Finally installation process will start. this will take sometime to install your printer.

configure dell printer

Finally your printer will be installed, so you can go ahead and try to print something.

If you are having any other problem with your printer (ex- dell printer say’s offline ). you may leave a comment bellow. we will try to resolve your problem in our next post.

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