How To Replace The Ink Cartridge In Brother Printer?

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2018)

Learn: how to replace the ink cartridge in brother printer by yourself.

when you have low ink in the printer cartridge, you just need to replace it. but if you don’t know how to replace the ink cartridge in brother printer. just follow the instructions given below.

replace the ink cartridge in brother printer

Before you will go ahead and replace the ink cartridge on your brother printer. i will suggest you to remove the protective tap from your printer first and shake it properly. after shaking your new cartridge, now it’s a time to install it into your printer. so follow the instructions given below.

Steps for replacing the ink cartridge in brother printer

  • Power off your brother printer and remove the power cable from your printer.
  •  so first you need to open the cartridge cover on your brother printer. for opening the cartridge cover. you need to press the unlock button. then it will unlock the cartridge.
  •  after opening the cartridge cover, it’s a time to remove the cartridge. so you need to lever down the ink cartridge.

If you want to replace any single cartridge. for example: if you have black ink cartridge empty.

you need to pull the lever lockdown for the black ink cartridge.

  • Now take the new cartridge, which you want to install. and make sure you have removed the protective tap from it.
  • In brother printer, each color has it’s own position, so when you are going to install the ink cartridge into your brother printer. make sure you installing it in the right direction.

You can find the direction help on label presented on the printer itself.

  • Once you will replace the ink cartridge in your brother printer properly. you need to go ahead and lift the lock lever gently.
  • Now power on the printer.

Once you will power on your printer. your brother printer will automatically reset the ink dot counter. so you can go ahead and try to print something. it will work fine now.

If your brother printer is still printing blank pages, you may read this article: how to fix brother printer is printing blank pages? 

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