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How to clear cookies and cache from Google Chrome browser

How to clear cookies and cache from Google Chrome browser

Technology gadgets such as televisions, mobile phones, computers, and others are using web application for accessing the internet. These devices save some information in the form of cookies like what we search and the results. By the help of these cookies and cache browser gives better result in future.

Today in the world people can not live without technology. Everyone is dependent on technology and the internet. The Internet is a globally connected network system by which people sharing information from one place to another. Most of the people access internet content using a web browser.

Some people and companies try to steal user information for collecting data and it is illegal. User data would be very precious in the future. We will discuss later this topic in our future post. We need to know about cache and cookies for better cleaning.

First, we need to know what is cookies and is it helpful or not.

Cookies: Cookies are also known as the web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, or simply cookie. It’s a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s browser while the user is browsing. Basically its a type of programming. It observes and stores user activity. Everyone needs to Clear cookies and cache from Google Chrome browser.

cookies and cache

Cookies are designed for storing information such as items added to the shopping cart or the user’s browsing activity like logging in. They can also remember some important information such as names, addresses, passwords, and credit card numbers.

At some places, cookies are very useful and a few sites use cookies for hacking activity. If you have visited any unknown websites, you must clear cookies from browser time to time. It can prevent steal your information saved in cookies.

How to clear cookies from Google Chrome browser

Nowadays more than enough people are using the Google Chrome browser for surfing the internet. Chrome store cookies very nicely from every site and keep safe for perfect results at next time. After saving lots of cookies it starts works slowly. For better speed of browsing and safety, you need to clear your browser cookies from time to time.

Before clearing cookies from any browser you have to make sure all your saved password and data will be lost from your browser, so keep writing down somewhere so later you can sync your information easily.

Steps for removing cookies from Google Chrome browser-

  • At the right top of your browser, you can see three vertical small dots click on it and go to settings.
  • Now you are on setting page of chrome. Scroll down and bottom you can see Advanced option click on it.
  • Now here you can see an option content setting open it. The first option shows cookies open it.
  • Little bit scroll down and you will get All cookies and site data. On the right side where there is an option to REMOVE ALL click on it and your all cookies.
  • You can also remove specific site cookies by selecting individual cookies from here.

Official Google Answer:

How to clear cache from Google Chrome Browser-

Cookies can easily remove by deleting history and data from your browser. The cache cannot remove completely by erasing the history of any browser. For deleting of cache you have to reset your browser as factory default settings.

Steps for erasing cache from Google Chrome browser-

  • At the right top of your browser, you can see similarly three vertical small dots click on it and go to settings. It will open the chrome setting page.
  • Now you are on setting page of chrome. Scroll down and bottom you can see Advanced option click on it.
  • Keep scrolling down and finally, at the bottom, you can see ‘Restore settings to their original defaults’
  • It will ask you final permission before resetting. Give the permission and your browser will reset to factory default.
  • It will take 2 minutes for processing.
  • After resetting the browser some people face SSL error. If you are getting the error just fix it by reading the article

Official Google post for reset –

As a result, this information and methods can help you understand more about how to clear cookies and cache from Google Chrome browser. You may also face this cache and cookies problems on Google Chrome browser in other platforms, such as macOS or Linux, and this guide is still helpful.

If you found other ways to fix this error: How to clear cookies and cache from Google Chrome browser, surely share with us. We will also update the article with your solutions to make it more useful.

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Clearing cookies and cache increase the speed of browser and computer laptop. Everyone must clean cookies timely from their computers. It also prevents your computer from any type of fraud activity.

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How to fix error, “waiting for available sockets” in Google Chrome

How to fix error, “waiting for available sockets” in Google Chrome

Waiting for available sockets error on chrome basically happens due to overload images and data saved in chrome. Cookies and images saved in chrome once get in huge it creates this error.

Whenever we open any site it saves some cookies and images as temporary on the browser. For the time being it reaches into overload and creates available socket error. It will show in the bottom left corner of the screen.

waiting for available sockets in google chrome

Step for fixing “waiting for available sockets” error

  • By Force open Scokets
  1. Open your google chrome browser.
  2. Type ‘ chrome://net-internals ‘ into the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Click here to open direct link- chrome://net-internals/#sockets
  4. Available Sockets
  5. From the left top corner, menu selects the sockets option.
  6. Available Sockets
  7. Now you will get a page where is option ‘Flush Socket Pools’ click on it. It will clean all records.
  8. This method always works. If it does not works follow steps.
  • By Clearing your Cookies & Caches

Available socket error also happens due to corrupt or huge cookies save on browser. By clearing cookies it can be solved. For the step, we have the specific topic here How to clear cookies from the browser. Read this article and help on your own easily.

  • By Clearing your Extension and toolbars

Sometimes we have installed the bad or corrupted extension and toolbars by mistake. We don’t know their works even they become hidden. These extension transfer traffic from your IP address to world wide web and browser started freezing.

This problem can solve easily read here Remove extension and toolbars and follow simple steps for this.

Conclusion: These three steps mostly fix available socket error problem.

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