How To Download And Install Sound Driver In Windows Laptop

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today, i am going to share this article about how to download and install the sound driver in window laptop.

we all know, for installing sound driver into your computer. we must need correct version of sound driver. for that you may visit, laptop’s official website and download correct version of driver for your laptop.

For downloading the sound driver, you may visit your laptop’s brand official website (ex- if you have hp laptop, you may go to hp official website) and go to download section over there.

in the top search bar, you need to type your laptop’s model number and press search button.

after pressing the search button you will reach to next level, where you will able to see a list of all drivers, you need to choose your driver and click on download.

install sound driver in windows laptop –

After downloading the sound driver successfully, it’s a time to extract the file and install it into your computer. so you need to follow these instructions to install the driver.

  1. Right click on Sound dirver file and click on extract here.
  2. after clicking on extract here, now your files will be extracted.
  3. click on setup.exe file and press run button.
  4. click on yes.
  5. now you will able to see, term and condition  window, so you need to accept the license and click on next.
  6. Now follow the instructionss and your driver will be successfully installed.
  7. once your sound driver will be installed, you need to reboot your computer.

Install the sound driver into windows laptop using driver pack solution –

driver pack solution is a software, which contains all kind of drivers for every brand. when you are not sure about which driver is good for you. this may help you in installing correct version of driver by using it.

you may download the driver pack solution from driver pack official website and follow these instructions:

  1. 1. run driver pack into your computer.
  2. 2. click on search and install correct driver for my laptop.
  3. 3. now this will start looking for good driver for you. once it will find a driver, then you can simply run it and this will start working fine.


How Do I Install Brother Printer Via USB?

Guide : Install Brother Printer Via USB :

Since a long time, we are getting so many request to write about how to install brother printer ? so today I am going to share a brief article about how to setup brother printer. Just follow the instructions to setup your printer by yourself.

install brother printer

Basic steps for install brother printer-

  1. Unbox your printer from box and connect the power cable into your printer.
  2. Connect your brother printer from computer via usb cable.
  3. Now you need to power on your printer and computer.

Download brother printer driver –

Once you will make a successful connection between your brother printer and computer, it’s a time to install brother printer driver into your computer, so your computer can identify your printer.

you may have got brother printer setup disk, which is also know as printer driver disk, you need to insert that disk into your computer and run it.

If you don’t have printer setup disk, then you may download brother printer driver from brother’s official website.

Install brother printer Via USB Cable –

After downloading printer driver setup, it’s a time to run it, so we can setup printer successfully, to install the brother printer, you need to follow these instructions.

  1. Run the printer setup disk.
  2. Now you need to select your printer model number, and click on next,
  3. Here you will able to see, brother printer setup menu, so you need to click on install brother printer.
  4. When you will click on install brother printer setup, then your computer will start installing printer driver.
  5. After installing the printer driver, this will ask to you how do you want to setup your printer, if you want to setup it with usb cable, then you can select usb connection, if you want to install your printer with wireless printer then you need to select wireless connection,

To connect your printer with wireless, you may visit: how to setup brother wireless printer.

  1. Click on next, now this will start installing your printer, this will take some time to install the printer ,

Finally you will able to install your printer successfully, you can go ahead and try to print something now.

How To Setup Brother Wireless Printer Without Cd?

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Today’s article is about how to setup brother wireless printer? So just read the instructions and follow them to setup it by yourself.

setup brother wireless printer?

if you want to install brother wireless printer, then first and basic requirement for connection is , you must have access to wifi network. so if you do not have wireless router password, then you may visit: how do I find wireless router password ?

Connect your printer with Wifi –

  1. Power on your brother printer.
  2. click on menu using up and go to Network using up and down arrow key.
  3. Go to Wlan Wizard by pressing up and down key.
  4. Once you will reach to WLAN wizard, you need to choose setup wizard.
  5. If WLAN will be enabled? Then you need to directly reach to wireless setup wizard,
  6. Now your machine will show you a list of available wireless network, you need to choose yours and click on ok.
  7. After selecting your wireless network, you will able to see wireless encryption method? So you need to choose the encryption type. Whatever you have (WPA, WEP etc.).
  8. Finally you will reach to password window, so your need to type here your wireless password, and click on ok.

If you are having any trouble, you may visit: brother printer won’t connect to wifi.

Setup brother wireless printer-

After connecting brother printer to the wifi, now it’s a time to setup brother wireless printer, so you need to insert the brother printer driver disk into your computer and run it. If you do not have printer driver disk then you need not to worry, you can simply download it from brother’s official website and run it into your computer.

  1. Here this will ask to you for your brother printer model, you need to select your brother printer’s model and click on next.
  2. When you will select your printer model, then you will reach to printer menu, here you need to select install printer driver.
  3. Once you will select install brother printer driver, you will get agreement window, here you need to click on I accept and click on next.
  4. Now your printer will start installing basic setup , once it will install basic files,
  5. After completing the basic installation process, your brother printer will ask to you for connection type, here you need to select wireless connection and click on next.
  6. Here you will able to see select appropriate connection type, select brother peer to peer network printer in this window and click on next.
  7. If you have enabled firewall or installed antivirus into your computer, then you will able to see firewall antivirus detected window, in this window, you need to choose “Change the firewall settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation. ”
  8. you will able to see your printer in the list, so you need to select your printer type and click on next.
  9. Finally your printer will be setup and you will able to use your brother wireless printer.

Why Is My Brother Printer Wont Connect To Wifi ?

Fix: brother printer wont connect to wifi-

So many times people are complaining for brother printer wont connect to wifi. That’s why today we are going to write this article on how to fix brother printer won’t connect to wifi.

brother printer wont connect to wifi

Causes of brother printer is not connecting to wifi-

When we talk about brother printer is not connecting to wifi, this issue could be related to printer and networking related issues. So when we are trying to connect brother printer with wifi, we must need to make sure about these things,

  1. Make sure, you are typing correct username and password.
  2. Printer firmware is outdated.
  3. Wi-Fi network is not available.
  4. Wifi settings are incompatible with printer.

How can I troubleshoot Brother Printer wont connect to wifi-

Before you will go for any further options, first you should make sure, you have turn on wifi into your printer. If wifi is not enable, it might cause for brother printer won’t connect to wifi. After enabling the wifi, you need to follow these steps :

  1. Restart your printer and click on menu,
  2. Go to network settings using up and down key.
  3. Select WLAN and click on setup wizard.
  4. Once you will click on setup wizard, then you will able to see available network, so you need to choose your network and click on next.
  5. After clicking on next, you will reach to wifi encryption mode, here you need to choose wireless security encryption type, you can select wireless security encryption mode, for more information you may visit : How Can I find wireless password and encryption mode?
  6. Once you will choose encryption mode on your printer, it’s a time to enter the password, so you need to enter the wifi password, make sure you are typing correct password for your wifi. If you are not sure, you may check your password from router itself.

Finally you need to click on ok, and then your printer will be connected with wifi,

Reset Brother Printer –  if your brother printer won’t connect to wifi, after entering correct username and password, this issue could be related to printer itself. So you should try to reset your printer and reconfigure it.

for resetting your printer, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Power on your printer, and click on menu,
  2. Go to printer using up and down arrow key.
  3. Select reset printer and click on press menu key again.
  4. Finally you will able to see confirmation window, so you need to press yes.
  5. Finally your printer will start restoring default settings,

For brief information you may visit: how to restore brother printer to default settings?

Update Router’s Firmware- sometime, your brother is not connecting to wifi, just because there is a problem with printer. So you should try to reset your router to factory default and reconfigure it or try to update the firmware on your printer. Finally it will be good to go. for more information you may visit: brother’s official website.

How to remove google chrome redirect virus

What is the Google redirect virus?

First of all you should know google redirect virus is not a exactly virus. It is a type of programming or tool bar for search.

Google always provides search result and make revenue from it. If someone gives user search to google , google gives small part of revenue to that traffic generator. Here comes search engines and tool bars like as Babylon, Delta,, iLivid, Ask toolbar, Yahoo, Bing and many more. These tool bars earn money by providing result according to user by paid advertisements.

redirect virus
Delta Search bar

Google have maximum traffic of internet due to accurate search result. These tool bars changes default search to their own search very smartly. Once you will search, it provides you a specific decided result and always redirect to ads result. This is called google redirect.

When it installed on your computer gives lots of small ads ,tabs or pop up ads on your browser. Its very irritating and freezes your browser too slow.

How it comes Google redirects-

Google redirects mostly installed with different software. Nowadays many software setups are available on internet which contains more than many setup in hidden.

Every software has EULA (End User Licence Agreement) appeared to be legitimate and useful software. Once you accept that it allows to install a bundle of software and tool bars under single setup. This way you gives permission to install unwittingly and unrelated software. Most of the antivirus pretend as virus and block them.

How to remove Google redirect virus-
  • Scan whole system and remove malware : Install a good updated antivirus or anti-malware in your system. Scanning whole system maybe disinfect from virus.
  • Remove browser add-ons, extension and tool bars : Removing add-ons , extension and tool bars gives a remarkable results. We have a specific and easy topic here How to remove browser extensions and add-ons toolbars for removing it. Read this more for details.
  • Change Home Page :

For Internet explorer-Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools, Internet Options. Type in the field for your home page and click Ok.

redirect virus
Making Google default search in internet explorer

For Google Chrome – Google Chrome, click the three verticals dots icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. Go to Settings, and then scroll down to ‘Search engine’ and Open manage search engine. Here select default search engine .

For Mozilla Firefox-In Firefox, click the three horizontal lines icon in the top right hand corner of the window. Choose Options. Then select General, and the option selected is ‘Show my Home Page’. Then in the ‘Home Page:’ field below insert and that will be your home page.

  • Remove unwanted search engine-Go to control panel then program and features. From you can uninstall unwanted application or search engine software. Few Application of search engine doesn’t appear here but still in browser because it operate from self auto run feature. These type of search engine removes from C:/program and files/ folder directly. Some files maybe also in different different location and you have to search them manually.
  • Above steps fixes mostly 99.9% problems related with redirects while having issue. The last and final step maybe solve this problem. You have to reset or restore your system into back date once it was working fine.

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How to remove browser extensions and add-ons toolbars

How to remove browser extensions and add-ons toolbars

Browser extensions and add-ons toolbars are very useful since it is not slow down browser speed. Some extensions are very good also block ads. This article help you to remove browser extensions also understand them.

When we install software without reading terms and conditions properly it install also some bad extensions. It gives a lot of ads also slow down browser speed. Some extensions and tool bars changes search results into paid result also with ads.

Removing steps according to Browser-

Note-Some toolbars and extensions can be remove and uninstall only from program and features because it install with software.

How to remove browser extensions and add-ons toolbars from internet explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click the cog wheel at the top right also select ‘Manage add-ons’.
  3. Toolbars and Extensions tab is open by default so locate you want to delete and click on the trash icon.
remove browser extensions
Removing internet explorer extensions

Source Code :

How to remove browser extensions and add-ons toolbars from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Click three horizontal lines at the right top corner of browser and select Add-ons tools also from here.
  3. Find out the extensions and search the plugin list for any bad toolbars also remove it from here.
  4. Remove bad toolbars also disable it from here.
remove browser extensions
Removing Mozilla Firefox extensions

How to remove browser extensions and add-ons toolbars from Google Chrome

  1. Open google chrome browser.
  2. Click three vertical dots at the right top corner of browser and select ‘more tools’ also extensions from here.
  3. Click three vertical dots at the right top corner of browser and select settings also search engine option from here.
remove browser extensions
Removing Google chrome extensions

How to remove browser extensions and add-ons toolbars from Opera Browser

  1. Open Opera browser.
  2. Click the Opera at the top left corner of browser and select extensions also manage extension from here.
  3. Delete bad toolbars and remove extensions also from here.
remove browser extensions
Removing Opera extensions


How to fix script errors in internet explorer

How to fix script errors in internet explorer

Internet explorer script errors is not a serious error of any browser. It happens due to problem exists in the HTML source code of the webpage.
script errors
Script Errors
It happen due to many reason. 
  • Antivirus blocks website due to malware or unwanted coding, hence it gives error message.
  • Corruption of scripting engine can be another reason.
  • Bad updates and internet related folder damage can be another reason of error message.
  • Java plugins disable and damage also the reason of script error message.
  • ActiveX controller configuration furthermore reason of problem.
  • High security setting of internet explorer in addition of error reason.
  • Storing temporary internet files is also a big reason of script error.
  • Printing error message in printer almost happens due to old or outdated driver.
Methods for fixing script errors-
  • Disable script debugging : Its stop script error notification.Open internet option from tools. You can find Tools option at the right or left top of internet explorer. Sometimes it becomes hidden. Press Alt key and it will show Tools option

    script errors
    Internet Tools and Options

In the internet option go to Advanced tab. Unchecked the box “Display a notification about every script error”. Now you will not get any script errors message

script errors
Internet Option
  • Java and ActiveX enabling prevent the cause of scripting error. Some program and webpage needs java and if java is disable it maybe the reason of error message.
  • Open internet explorer and go to Internet Options from Tools. In the security tab click on internet zone. Now make it on default level
script errors
Internet security default
  • Remove all saved temporary internet files : For removing temporary internet files go to Internet Options from Tools. You can see delete option under browsing history from general tab. Now click on delete and select the files you want to delete
  • Download and install latest updates of browser and your windows also.
  • Outdated printer driver creates script errors at print. To resolve this problem update printer driver

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How to clear cookies and cache from Google chrome browser

First we need to know what is cookies and is it helpful or not.

Cookies: Cookies also called web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, or simply cookie. Its a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s browser while the user is browsing. Basically its a type of programming.It observe and store user activity.Everyone needs to Clear cookies and cache from Google chrome browser.

Cookies are design for storing information such as items added in the shopping cart or the user’s browsing activity like logging in. They can also remember some important information such as names, addresses, passwords, and credit card numbers.

At some places cookies are very useful and few sites uses cookies for hacking activity. If you have visited any unknown websites must clear cookies from browser time to time. It can prevent steal your information saved in cookies.

How to clear cookies from Google Chrome browser

Now days more than enough people are using Google chrome browser for surfing on internet. Chrome store cookies very nicely from every sites and keep safe for perfect results at next time. After saving lots of cookies it start works slow. For better speed of browsing and safety you need to clear your browsing cookies time to time.

Before clearing cookies from any browser you have to make sure all your saved password and data will be lost from your browser ,so keep write down some where so later you can sync your information easily.

Steps for removing cookies from Google Chrome browser-

  • At the right top of your browser you can see three vertical small dots click on it and go to settings.

    Clear cookies
    chrome setting page
  • Now you are on setting page of chrome.Scroll down and bottom you can see Advanced option click on it.
  • Now here you can see a option content setting open it. First option shows cookies open it.
  • Little bit scroll down and you will get All cookies and site data. On the right side here there is a option REMOVE ALL click on it and your all saved cookies are removed.
  • You can also remove specific site cookies by selecting individual cookies from here.

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