How Can I Open Netgear Router Setup Page?

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In this article, we are going to share some important knowledge about the Netgear router. So read this article to know more about netgear router:

What is Netgear router setup page?

Netgear router setup page is an admin panel for netgear router. through which you can configure and change (Wireless, internet, firewall) settings of the router.

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What is netgear genie?

Netgear genie is a software for Windows and Macintosh computer, through which you can configure your netgear router settings.

How Can I open Netgear router setup page –

If you have Netgear smart wifi router and you have already installed netgear genie into your computer, then you can simply open the router setup page by opening the netgear genie application.

But if you don’t have netgear genie software, then you can open your router setup page by following the instructions bellow:

  • Connect your computer to the netgear router using wireless or ethernet cable.
  • Open the web browser like : explorer, safari or chrome.
  • Type in the top address bar.
  • Now you will reach to the router login page, here you need to type username and password for your netgear router.

The default username for netgear router is admin and password is password.

Note-  if you default password is not working, then you need to reset your netgear router and setup your netgear router once again.

  • Once you will type the username and password for your router then you need to click on ok.
  • Finally, your router setup page will be open. You can simply go ahead and configure your router now.

I hope now you will able to open router setup page if you are having any other issue with your netgear router. Please leave a comment below.  So we can try to resolve that problem in our next video.


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