Netgear Router Not Working Suddenly Stopped Working | Troubleshooting

Before writing any troubleshooting article on my website, I love to do a little survey on the community websites. So I can write a troubleshooting article on something that can help more than a thousand users.

Today, when I was doing research on google and there I found, Netgear router not working is one of most asked question on almost every web community or forum. Apart from this question, there were some other similar questions as well, which is listed below:

  1. My Netgear router not connecting to the internet.
  2. No internet on the Netgear router.
  3. Netgear router is blinking orange.

So these are few questions, for which people are complaining every day. But sadly, most of them were still not able to fix their Netgear router. after reading all the comments and other things, today, I decided to write an article on how to troubleshoot Netgear router not working problem.

Causes of Netgear Stopped Working-

Actually, your Netgear router may be stopped working because of several reasons such as connection problem, invalid internet settings, the firmware is outdated or power outage.

But most of the time, people are going through Netgear, not working problem, when their Netgear router cannot detect the modem.

So before performing any techniques to troubleshoot Netgear router stopped working problem, first I will suggest you restart your modem and router. After rebooting the router and modem, you need to wait for one minute.

If you will start getting solid blue or green internet light on your Netgear router,  congrats! Your problem has been resolved. But if you still get orange light on your Netgear router, then you need to follow the instructions given below.

Note– Whenever you have no internet on Netgear router. you should check the internet connection status as well. make sure you are getting internet on your modem.

To ensure the internet connection, you should connect your modem directly to your computer via Ethernet cable. After that, you should try to access the internet.

If you can’t access the internet from your modem as well, then you need to call your internet service and ask them to check the connection.

Techniques To Troubleshoot Netgear Router Not Working Problem –

Check the cable connection –

Your Netgear router may stop working, just because of physical connection between router and modem.

You need to make sure your modem is connected from internet port of the Netgear via Ethernet cable.

Sometimes, the cable may also have defected, so try to replace an Ethernet cable and connect a new Ethernet cable from modem to the router.

Update Mac Cloning – 

Mac cloning is responsible for authenticating the services. Most of the ISP are provides internet after recognizing the mac address.

If your modem is not able to identify the router, it may cause Netgear router not working problem. so you should try to clone the mac address once as well.

To clone the mac address you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Connect your computer to anyone LAN port of the router via ethernet cable.
  • Open your browser and go to and press the enter button.
  • Now login to the Netgear router setup page and go to advanced option.
  • Click on setup and internet status.
  • Scroll down and click on use computer mac address.

After cloning the Netgear router, you need to restart the router and modem.

 Update the Router Firmware-

If your Netgear router has outdated firmware, it may cause Netgear router not working problem. so you should try to login the page and try to update the Netgear router firmware.

Factory restore the router-

After following the above steps, if your Netgear router is still not working, I will suggest you to factory restore the router.

To Reset the router, you need to take a pin or pen and press and hold the reset button on your router for one minute.

Once you will factory reset the router. you need to restart the Netgear router once again,  and then you need to setup Netgear router again.

After following these instructions, your Netgear router will start working fine. If you still have any other problem with your Netgear router, you may leave the comment below.

Netgear router won’t connect to the internet

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