How to change TP Link wifi router password

How to change TP-Link wifi router password or how to change tp link administrative password both are same. There is the slight difference between the router password and wireless password.

Router password is used to login into router settings, like changing network name and password. The wireless password used for connecting devices with wifi router or network.

For changing wireless password we have specific article read here How to change TP-Link wireless password.

Here we are providing the steps for accessing router settings :

Open your browser and type login IP into the address bar. Login IP depends on the router to router or companies. By default, companies have or, These three login ips mostly work.

The router also changes login IP by itself. It takes ip from APIPA(Automatic Private IP Addressing). In this case, you have to open the command prompt and type ipconfig/all. It will show all the ips.

After typing login IP you will get the login screen with username and password. Usually, all the network devices have some specific login access. Below are few-

Password             Username

  • admin                    admin
  • password              admin
  • admin                   (leave blank)

These are some standard combination which works for most routers. Few companies also change this combination according to their rules.

Sometimes router changes this combination itself into random username and password. This happens due to overload on device(router)/ hacking attack and prevention or network virus attacks.

How to change TP-Link wifi router password final steps:

If the above combination doesn’t work so you need to reset your router for getting access to settings. For resetting router, we have described in details here How to reset TP-Link router read this article and reset your router.

Once you will reset your router your same default password will work for login into the router.

Link- TP-Link

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