Linksys Router Not Working? Suddenly Stopped Working?

“this post is about how to fix linksys router not working problem.

if your wireless router has also stopped working. this may help you in get it back to work it again.”

Why is my Linksys router not working?

Imagine you wake up in the morning and turn on your PC for accessing the internet.

But suddenly you realize, your Linksys router not working? that’s why you have no internet connectivity.

I know that would be the sad moment for anyone?  But you can convert that sad moment into the happy moment by fixing the router problem.

Today, if you are reading this blog. I am sure, you are going through Linksys is not working problem and looking for steps to convert that sad moment into a happy moment.

So without wasting more time, here I am coming to the point.

In this blog, I am going to share my knowledge about how to fix the Linksys router not working problem.

So read this blog until the end and follow the steps to fix the Linksys router stopped working problem.

How to fix Linksys router not working problem:

ISP problem –

Before you will start troubleshooting your router, I will advise you to check the internet status on your modem.

You must be getting blue DSL light on your modem.

Also, you can check internet connection status by connecting your modem directly from computer via Ethernet cable.

Once you connect your modem to the PC successfully, you should try to access the internet.

If you cannot access the internet on your computer, this problem belongs to the internet service provider.

In that case, you need to call your ISP and ask them for the fix the connection.

But if you can access the internet through the modem, but Linksys router has stopped working, or not giving you internet.

You may go ahead and follow the steps given below.

Check the physical connection –

When your Linksys router not working, do not forget to check the physical connection between router & modem.

You need to be sure that your modem is connected from internet port of the Linksys router via Ethernet cable.

Reboot the modem & router –

Usually, my Linksys router stopped working. When it does not detect the connection from modem properly.

So I just have to reboot my modem and router and leave it free for one minute. After that, it starts working fine automatically.

This can also happen with your Linksys router as well. So I think, you should also try to reboot your router once.

Update the Router Firmware –

An old firmware can be the reason behind Linksys router stopped working.

so you should keep the firmware up to date on your router. For more details, you may visit: how to update the firmware on Linksys router?

you may download the Linksys router firmware from

Factory Restore-

If the above steps are not working. I will suggest you press the factory restore button your Linksys router.

You need to press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds and then release it.

After releasing the button, you need to go ahead and set up the Linksys router again. I am sure, this will start working fine.

Now if hope your router will start working fine. Somehow if it is not working.

you may visit why is my Linksys router blinking orange for brief information.

Thank you for reading this blog.


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