Sound Not Working On Lenovo Laptop Thinkpad No Audio?

Why Is Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working

Whenever you face Lenovo laptop sound not working, don’t think the speaker of the laptop is damaged. There can be more reason due to your Lenovo notebook has no sound. Some of them are listed below.

  • The Window’s sound is mute
  • The sound driver has a problem
  • Some audio settings or compatibility issue
  • Last Speaker problem

First of all, you should check the mute icon from the Windows taskbar. Maybe you or someone have muted the audio on your Lenovo laptop. Sometimes people have experienced some software that can mute the sound.

To unmute the sound, you need to press the sound button (it may be available on function keys like f1, f2, you will see the sound icon on it) on your laptop screen.

How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working Problem:

  1. Reboot your laptop once, and try to play a song or video on your Lenovo laptop. Restarting Laptops solve most of the issues. Let’s see if you can get any audio or still deal with the audio problem.
  1. Install an external speaker or earphone into your laptop and then play audio again. Did you get any sound from your Lenovo laptop or not?

If you can not hear any sound from your laptop, might the problem in audio driver or windows settings. But, if your notebook can sound from your external sources, it’s a problem from your speakers or due to the invalid audio settings.

If not, in that case, you need to replace the Lenovo laptop’s speaker.

  1. Check the volume control, try to raise the volume, and then check if you can hear any sound(like ding) from your laptop or not.

After using the above steps, if you are still facing sound is not working problem, there is something wrong with sound settings or laptop.

In that case, you have to keep following for the next solution below prescribe.

Are you having the sound problem with any single software or every app into your laptop:

Whenever you are not getting audio from any software (ex- you are unable to hear the sound after playing a video on youtube using google chrome), that means you have muted the audio for that specific program.

In that case, you should have to un-mute the sound by following these instructions.

  • Click on the sound icon presented on the bottom right-hand side corner.
  • Now click on the mixer.
  • Once you hit the mixer button, you will able to see all the programs. That is using sound service at present.

If you can see the mute icon on any app, you need to unmute it.

Uninstall the duplicate driver-

If you are having the audio problem on windows eight or the latest operating system. It can be due to duplicate audio driver.

When your windows OS went to update itself, it might have downloaded another sound driver into your laptop.

Due to that, your sound drivers will be conflicting with each other.

As a result, you won’t be able to hear any sound.

So if you found two or more audio drivers into your laptop, you need to uninstall all of them.

After uninstalling the driver, you need to reboot your Lenovo laptop once.

Once your laptop is a reboot, it will automatically find the best driver for itself.

To check the sound drivers, you may walk through the steps given below.

  • Go to the device manager.
  • Expand Video, audio, or game controller.
  • Now will able to see the list of audio drivers,
  • Select one of them, right-click on it and click on uninstall.
  • Finally, you will get the confirmation window, where you need to click on ok.

Once you click on ok, the audio driver will be automatically uninstalled.

  • After uninstalling the sound driver, you need to apply the same steps for the rest of them to uninstall.

Check Sound Settings:

You should check the sound settings on your laptop by yourself. When you take a look at sound settings, make sure you have selected your speakers as a default speaker.

To check the sound settings, go ahead, and follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the control panel and click on the sound.
  2. Now you will able to see the list of speakers, here you need to choose your speaker and click on set as default speaker.
  3. Select your speakers again and click on properties,
  4. Now click on the levels tab, here you need to increase the sound volume.
  1. After increasing the sound volume, it’s a time to go to the advance tab, here you need to choose the default format for audio,

You need to select the bit one by one and test it. If you hear anything from your Lenovo laptop speakers.

  1. Finally, press the ok button to save the settings and exit from the control panel as well.

Restart Audio Services-

Sometimes, you might have a sound problem on Lenovo laptop due to audio service not responding.

So when you go through Lenovo laptop sound, not working problem.

do not forget to restart the windows audio services:

To reset them, you need to follow the instructions given below:

  • Open run box and type services.msc, ok press button.
  • Scroll down and look for the windows audio services
  • Once you find it, select it and hit the restart presented on the top left-hand side.

Close the windows services tab and play a song again.

Let’s see if you can hear any sound from your Lenovo laptop or not?

Update Sound driver-

When did you update the sound driver last time?

Do you know, an outdated driver can act like a vampire, and it may let you down into the sound problem?

So do not forget to check for the sound driver update, if you find any update there, update it.

For brief details, you may visit: how can I update the driver into windows computer?

Factory Restore the computer-

If you can still not hear any sound from your laptop, you should try to factory restore your Lenovo laptop to the last date.

But before restoring your Lenovo laptop, you should take the backup of your recent applications.

So these are the steps to fix Lenovo laptop sound not working.

I hope you have fixed the laptop.

If it still fails to deliver the sound, it’s a problem with the sound card.

In that case, you have to replace the sound card.

Thank you for reading the blog.


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