How To Setup Brother Printer With USB Cable (Local Network)

Guide: Setup Brother Printer Using USB :

For a long time, we are getting so many requests to write on how to set up brother printer? so today I am going to share a brief article about how to install brother printer. Just follow the instructions to set up your printer by yourself.

Basic steps for setup brother printer-

  1. Unbox your printer from the box and connect the power cable to your printer.
  2. Connect your brother printer from the computer via USB cable.
  3. Now you need to power on your printer and computer.

Download brother printer driver –

Once you will make a successful connection between your brother printer and computer, it’s time to set up brother printer driver into your computer, so your computer can identify your printer.

you may have gotten brother printer setup disk, which is also known as printer driver disk, you need to insert that disk into your computer and run it.

If you don’t have a printer setup disk, then you may download the brother printer driver from brother’s official website.

Install brother printer Via USB Cable –

After downloading printer driver setup, it’s a time to run it, so we can set up a printer successfully, to install the brother printer, you need to follow these instructions.

  1. Run the printer setup disk.
  2. Now you need to select your printer model number, and click on next,
  3. Here you will able to see, brother printer setup menu, so you need to click on setup brother printer.
  4. When you will click on setup brother printer setup, then your computer will start installing the printer driver.
  5. After installing the printer driver, this will ask to you how do you want to set up your printer, if you want to set up it with a USB cable, then you can select USB connection if you want to set up your printer with wireless printer then you need to select wireless connection,

To connect your printer with wireless, you may visit: how to install brother wireless printer.

  1. Click on next, now this will start installing your printer, this will take some time to install the printer,

Finally, you will able to set up your printer successfully, you can go ahead and try to print something now

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