How To Fix My Canon Printer Won’t Print Issue?

Last week, our team got an email to write something about what could be the possible reasons for the canon printer won’t print and how can we troubleshoot them.

So today, in this article, I am going to cover the topic related to canon printer printing issues. You may read the instructions and fix the problem instantly.

Canon printers are a reliable gadget. Once you set up it correctly, this will make you happy by giving thousands of prints for many years. But that does not mean it will work forever. Sometimes it may cause some irritating problems for your computer, which may jeopardize your work. Canon printer won’t print one of the biggest challenges these days.

You may be unable to print a document from a single computer or sometimes with all devices in your network.

Well, there are so many reasons, which may cause printer is not printing problem, usually people face such kind of problem with their device when the devices could not identify their printer.

Causes related to canon printer printing issue:

So we are going from necessary troubleshooting steps to advance steps to fix your Canon printer. You may follow the instructions to fix the problem.

  1. PowerCycle Your Device- This is the fundamental step, but it works lots of time.

When your computer does not identify the printer, it will cause a canon printer is not printing the problem. So you should try to reboot your computer and printer once.

After rebooting your computer and printer, you need to wait for 1 minute and then try to print something from the printer.

If you have set up your canon printer as a network printer, you should try to reboot your router as well.

  1. Connection Problem – Connection problem is the most common problem, which may cause not printing issues with your canon printer.

So if you have set up your canon printer using the USB cable. Please make sure you have connected your USB cable from the printer correctly.

You may also disconnect the USB cable from your computer and wait for 1 minute and then plug it back in.

  1. Ink Cartridge Issue- when you are trying to print something from your printer, but it is printing a blank page.

This step may help because of ink cartridge issues or low ink issues. So you should try to replace the cartridge and plug the new ink cartridge again.

Once you plug in the cartridge, you should try to print a document again, and then let’s see. Is it working or not?

  1. PaperJam Issue-

If you are having a paper jam issue with your printer. In that case, you need to clean your printer properly. For paper jam issue we have written a new post, you may visit:

how to fix paper jam issue in canon printer?

  1. Driver Issue- so many times, You may have canon printer won’t connect issue because of driver issue.

If your driver is outdated or you have not installed the driver correctly. This may cause, canon printer not printing issue. So you should try to update the canon printer driver properly.

  1. Reset Printer- after following all the above steps, if your canon printer is still not printing any document. in such a situation, you should reset the printer.

For resetting the printer, you need to follow the instructions below :

Instructions for Reset

  1. Uninstall & Reinstall The printer- this is the last option for troubleshooting a printer, in the method you need to uninstall the existing printer driver from your computer.

Once the printer driver uninstalls, you need to reboot your computer, and then you need to set up your Canon printer again. you may download the printer driver from canon’s official website

After performing all these steps, I hope your canon printer will start working perfectly fine. If you are having any other issue with your printer.

You may leave a comment below. We will try to resolve that issue in our next post.


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