How To Fix Brother Printer Says Offline Status Problem?

People may face brother printer says offline status problem due to a network communication problem.

But apart from this reason, there can be some other reasons behind this issue.

Today in this post, we are going to explain the causes and the possible way to solve the offline status problem.

Basic Steps to Fix Brother Printer Says Offline Status-

first of all, in order to fix the problem, let’s start with the steps given below.

  • Power off your printer and Laptop for one minute and then power them back on.

Once your brother printer will power on, you should try to make a test print. let’s see if it is printing or still saying offline status.

  • Check the connection status between brother printer and PC. if your printer is not connected to the network, you need to go ahead and connect your printer to the WiFi.
  • Make sure your printer and PC is in the same network. if they are not in the same network.

You need to connect you’re both of them in the same network zone.

Advanced Steps To Fix Brother Printer Say’s Offline Status Problem-

you are Still going through brother printer says offline problem?

the problem can be a little serious. so try these steps.

Restart Printer Spooler Services-

If you are trying to print something from your pc but getting not responding or similar error.

It can be due to printer spooler services is not responding that’s why you might be getting this error on your printer.

To restart the printer pool services, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  1. Open the run box, type services.msc in the top address bar and press ok.
  2. Scroll down and select printer spooler service and press restart button.
  3. Once the services will be restarted, you need to close the window and try to print something again. do you still getting brother printer says offline status error message?

Update the printer driver update-

Sometimes, PC’s may be unable to communicate with the printer due to the outdated version of the driver.

that’s why you will be getting brother printer says offline error message.

so do not forget to check for the driver update once.  you may find the latest updated version of the driver from brother’s official website.

Factory Restore the network settings-

Sometimes, you may get brother printer say’s offline status error due to network settings.

First, you should try to connect your printer to the network. if you are getting an error message during the connection. you need to restore the network settings.

once you will restore the network settings, you should try to connect your brother printer to the wifi again.

if you are having any problem during the wifi connection, you may visit: my brother printer is connecting to the wifi.

Re-install the brother printer-

After following the steps, if you are still getting brother printer says offline error message.

First of all, you should try to uninstall the brother printer driver from your computer.

after uninstalling the driver, you should reboot your printer and PC.

once you will reboot the computer, you need to download the latest printer driver and install brother printer into your computer.

Finally, your printer will start working. I hope you will get not get rid of brother printer says offline problem.


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