How Do I Troubleshoot This Site Cannot Be Reached

Fix: This Site Cannot Be Reached Chrome.

When you face “this site cannot be reached” problem in your chrome or any other web browser. this error could be really frustrating for you. whether you are a windows user or Apple Macintosh user.

every day, millions of people from world get infected with “this site can’t be reached” problem. actually most of the time, people face such kind of issue with the single website only (like yahoo, bing, google etc.). while other websites work fine on the same computer.


Have you ever realize what could be possible reasons for this site cannot be reached in chrome and how can you fix such kind of problem?

well, when you face “can’t load this page’ problem with any browser, you should not be worry, just follow the instructions bellow and troubleshoot your problem by yourself.:

Before you will go for any further options, first you should try to read the error code, which you must be getting right below the, can’t load this page or this page cannot be reached.  you will able to see one of the following code there.

these are the basic error messages, you will get there in the chrome. so you need to read the message properly and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

Power Cycle Your Devices –

if you are facing err_connection_Timeout problem with every website. this might coming because of internet connection problem. so you need to make sure that you are getting internet properly.

so you need to reboot your modem, router and computer. once you will reboot your devices, then you need to wait for 1 minute and then try to reload the website.

Check Proxy Settings –

so many times, people have “this site cannot be reached” problem, because of proxy server settings. so you need to make sure that you have disabled the proxy server.

For disabling the proxy server, you may follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to control panel,
  2. Click on network and internet.
  3. Choose internet options.
  4. Select Connection Tab.
  5. Now click On LAN settings.
  6. Un check use a proxy server for this LAN .
  7. Press OK.

Finally your Proxy server will be disable. so you can go ahead and try to load the website now. to make sure that you are getting connection or not.

Reset IP, DNS and Win sock Settings-

when you have disabled the proxy settings, but still you are not able to load the website. in that case, you need to you reset the ip address and DNS server address.

For resetting the IP address and DNS server address, you need to open the command prompt in the administrator mode.

(a) ipconfig /release
(b) ipconfig /all
(c) ipconfig /flushdns
(d) ipconfig /renew
(e) netsh int ip set dns
(f) netsh winsock reset

once you will run all these commands into your windows computer, you need to reboot your computer.

after rebooting your computer, you need to try to access the website again.

Change DNS Address-

when you have tried all above instructions, but still, if you have “this site cannot be reached”  problem in chrome or any other browser.

in that case, you should change the DNS (domain name server) address on your computer.

for changing the DNS server, you may follow the instructions below:

  • Open Run box by pressing windows +R Key.
  • type ncpa.cpl and press OK.
  • Right click on your network adapter.
  • Go to properties.
  • Select internet protocol version 4,  and click on properties.
  • click on use the following DNS server address.
  • In the primary address address, you need to fill
  • Fill in the secondary DNS server address.
  • Finally you need to click on apply.

Finally you need to reboot your computer. once your computer will restart. you should try to load the website again.

Disable Antivirus / Firewall –

so many times, we have this site cannot be reached problem only because of antivirus or firewall system.

they might be blocking your website,to reach there. so you should disable the antivirus and firewall first. try to load the website.

After performing all these steps, I am sure you will able to get rid from this site cannot be reached.

if you have any other problem with your computer or any other device. you may leave a comment below.

we will surely try to share troubleshooting instructions in our next post.





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