How Do I Connect Dell Printer To the Wifi (wireless network)

This blog is about how to connect a Dell printer to the wireless network. Read and set up any Dell printer with wifi.

Guide: How To Connect Dell Printer To The WiFi?

We are all familiar with wireless ( WiFi ) technology. Whenever we need to connect our devices to the internet or local network, we prefer to connect our devices to the Wi-Fi primarily.

Dell is also introducing a wireless printer for its users. So, people can connect them to the WiFi and complete their tasks without connecting to the printer physically.

Whenever, if we talk about “how to connect, dell printer to wifi,” there are multiple ways for that. You can connect the dell printer to the WiFi via the printer panel, or computer as well.

Today, in this blog, I am going to share all methods; you can use any one of them to connect dell printer to the wifi.

Method 1- Connect dell printer to the WiFi using printer panel

Every dell printer has a printer panel. We can modify or configure printer and network settings from the dashboard. This panel also helps to set up our printer to the WiFi.

For connecting your Dell printer to the wireless network, we need to follow the instructions below:

  • Power On your Printer.
  • Press System Button.
  • Click on Admin Menu.
  • Go to the Network Option.
  • Now, we need to click on the wireless setup option.
  • Here we can see the list of wireless networks. Choose your own home wireless network.
  • After selecting the wireless network, we will reach the password authentication window. Here we need to enter the password for our wireless network and press ok.

Finally, our Dell printer should connect to the wireless network. Further, we can go ahead and set up your Dell printer. After setting up the printer with the router, try to print something.

Method 2 –  Connect dell printer to the wireless network using the WPS button

Wireless protected setup (WPS) is the best method for connecting a printer to the wireless network.  We can connect your printer easily to the wireless network by pressing the WPS button on your router and printer.

Some wireless routers do not have WPS features. So, before connecting the dell printer to the wireless network using WPS, make sure, router and printer have WPS features.

Next, if the wireless protected setup feature has on both devices, follow the instructions below to connect your Dell printer to the wireless network.

  • Press and hold the WPS button on your printer, until it starts showing the message, “WPS method is running” on your printer.
  • Now press and hold the WPS button on your router.
  • After pressing the button on both devices, they will start synchronizing the connection. This sync might take 2 minutes to connect.
  • Finally, your printer would connect to the wireless network.

Method 3: Connect your Dell printer to the wireless network using dell easy installer or wireless setup wizard

Recent Dell printers are coming with the easy installer and compatible installation guide. Dell Easy installer helps in install and connect Dell printer automatic over your WiFi network.

Dell’s easy installer software comes with CD with Dell printers. First, connect the Dell printer to a computer or laptop with cable wire and insert the CD. Open the CD folder and run the installer file name with ‘setup.exe.’

Note: If there is no CD with your printer accessories, download it from Dell Support site Enter your model number and select ‘Drivers and Downloads.’ Here you can find your driver setup for the printer.

After running the setup, it will prompt the setup dialogue box. Follow the instructions and install your printer driver.

During installation, this will ask your wireless network name and wifi password at someplace. Fill the information which requires.

After completing the installation, disconnect the printer from the computer. Now, your printer would connect to your wireless network automatically and ready to print over wifi.

Sometimes it doesn’t connect to wireless automatic. In this condition, connect it manually by printer panel and settings.

After following any method, your Dell printer would connect to the wifi. If you have any other problem with the Dell printer, you may leave a comment below.


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