How Can I Update Firmware In Linksys Router?

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today’s we are going to share this article about,  how to update firmware in Linksys router, well it is very easy to update the firmware, you just need to follow these instructions and you will be good to go.

Download the firmware from Linksys official website-

Before you will go for update the firmware, first you need to download the firmware from Linksys official website,

  • Go to Linksys official website and then go to support and download section.
  • Now you need to type the model number, in the search and press enter.
  • Now you need to scroll down, and in the download section, you need to choose the version number of the router. You can find the version number in the back or bottom of your router.
  • Finally, you will able to see a list of files, you need to choose the latest firmware and download it.

Update firmware in Linksys router-

After downloading the correct version of firmware, your next steps are: you need to update firmware in the router. So you need to follow these options to update the firmware:

  • Connect your computer with the router via ethernet cable.
  • Open the browser and type in the top address bar.
  • Now you will able to see Linksys router login page, in this section you need to type your username and password, by default it is the admin.
  • Once you will log in to your router, you need to go to Administration option.
  • Click on firmware, once you will click on firmware then you will able to see upload option.
  • Click on choose file, now you will able to see, find the files.
  • Finally, you need to click on start upgrade button. your router will start updating the firmware

Now your Linksys router will take some time, so you need to wait for a while.

Hopefully, your firmware in Linksys router will be successfully updated, so you can go now and check the router. If your router is still not working, then you may visit on: Linksys router is not working


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