How to fix “Your connection is not private in Google Chrome” Problem?
How to fix “Your connection is not private in Google Chrome” Problem?

Troubleshoot ” Your Connection is not private” error in google chrome:

Late night, I got a call from my friend. She told me, her chrome browser is not functioning properly. Every time, when she tried to open any website on chrome, it is showing your connection is not private message all the time.

So she asked me for help. At that time, I helped her in fixing the privacy error, and her chrome browser has started working fine. Later I realized, there must be some other users as well, who would be suffering from the same issue.

So I decided to write about your connection is not private issue on my blog. I am going to share all advanced techniques to fix connection is not private error issue on chrome.  So read this article until the end to fix the chrome browser.

your connection is not private

Error Codes showing in your connection is not private error:

Whenever you are getting any message on your computer, you must be getting an error code. That will be displaying the root cause of the problem. The error code can be something like that:

  • Err_connection_not_secure
  • Err_connection_not_private
  • Err_connection_timeout
  • err_cert_invalid_date
  • err_connection_refused

So these are some error codes, you will get whenever you are having the connection is not private problem on your browser.

I am going to share troubleshooting steps for problem one by one. You may go ahead and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

Reason and solution for connection is not private error-

“Your connection is not private” or “Net::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID” shows on screen due to the SSL error. SSL (secure sockets layer) is used by and other websites to secure all the information you enter on their pages.

If you are getting the SSL error Net::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID in Google Chrome, it shows your Internet connection or your computer is blocking Chrome from loading the page securely.

If we talk about the root cause behind, your connection is not private error, are listed below

  • Wrong date and time
  • Antivirus is blocking SSL Connection
  • Invalid Google chrome Cache and Cookies files
  • Expired SSL certificate
  • Invalid SSL Certificate Setup
  • Firewall Error
  • Browser Error
  • Change Proxy Settings

Wrong Date & Time-

Whenever you are getting “err_date_invalid” message on your chrome browser and looking for instructions to fix the problem that means you have saved incorrect time & date settings.

Wrong date and time of the computer or device’s will make your browser can’t verify the SSL certificate and gives your connection is not private error. To resolve, check your date & time again and make sure they are correct. If it is not correct please correct your date and time and try to check.

your connection is not private wrong date and time

After changing the time and date, you need to restart your browser and try to access the website.

Antivirus is blocking SSL Connection Problem-

Besides the wrong date and time, your antivirus software can block all SSL connections as well. In this case, we can turn off our antivirus software temporarily to check.

My friend was getting “your connection is not private” error because of wrong date and time or antivirus. She had an expired version of Norton internet security, therefore, it was blocking SSL certificates. So I uninstalled the antivirus from her computer. After uninstalling the antivirus, her chrome has started working perfectly.

I will also advise you to disable the antivirus for a while and then try to access the website. After disabling the security, if you are not getting privacy error message, you should go ahead and uninstall the antivirus.

Invalid Google Chrome Cache and Cookies-

Cache and cookies also cause this irritating error. According to user’s reports clearing cookies and cached files in Google Chrome can remove this error message. To fix it see here “How to clear cookies and cache from Google Chrome browser”

Expired SSL Certificates

In some cases, the owner of the website forgot to renew the SSL certificate, you will get this error when visiting it. In this case, there is nothing you can do to get rid of it, except notify website owner, as well as bypass it by clicking on the “Proceed” link.

If your own website gives the error message because of expired SSL certificate. Simply contact your website developer who made your site or hosting provider for renewing SSL certificate.

Invalid SSL Certificate Setup-

If the website owner set up SSL certificate in wrong way, there is no way to access the HTTPS version correctly. Subsequently, you always get this error every time you access that website.

Firewall Error-

Windows firewall blocked some website for an invalid certificate or SSL error. In this case, you need to avoid open this type of site and if it’s important to disable your firewall and open it.

Browser Error-

Some feature does not work on a specific browser seems like java doesn’t work on Google Chrome. It becomes disabled by default and you have to enable it. In this situation, you can change your browser to open your chosen sites.

Change Proxy Settings-

Proxy settings are responsible for err_cert_authority_invalid error message. Before I will tell you anything else, let me describe what is proxy settings?

Proxy settings, allow you to access the wealthiest information without displaying your private information like IP address, location etc. Most of the time people are using it for spamming.  Therefore Google is very strict about their privacy policy. If you have enabled the proxy settings, your browser might disallow you to access the websites, and show you, your connection is not private message.

Well, if you will disable the proxy settings, then your browser will start working fine again. you may follow the instructions below to disable the proxy settings on the windows computer.

  • Go to control panel and click on internet options.
  • Click on internet options.
  • Now choose connection tab and press LAN settings window.
  • Uncheck use a proxy server for your LAN and press ok button.
  • Now press the ok button again and try to open the website in chrome.


I am hoping, now you have fixed the chrome privacy error by yourself. Leave your comment below if you are still having any other problem. Our team will reach to you. We will update our post from time to time with new features and solutions.

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