Keep Your Computer Healthy With Few Tricks:

This is usually happening with almost every user. when they bought a new computer. it works fine for a six months or a year.

after that it start running irritably slow. have you ever recognize, what could be possible reasons for windows computer is running slow problem and how can we fix such kind of problem.

how to fix computer is running slow problem.

Actually if we talk about the causes of computer is running slow. this problem usually comes when we do not optimize our computer properly or due to virus issue.

so today in this article,I am going to tell you about get rid of computer is running slow and make your computer healthy forever.

in this article i am also going to talk about some trustworthy software for cleaning the computer. if you want to use them to optimize your computer. you can simply use them.

Time To Learn How To Fix Windows Computer is running Slow Issue.

Clean C:\\ Drive

we all know.  c:\\ drive contains windows files. so if this drive is full from junks, this may cause computer is running slow. so you should clean your c:// drive regularly. for cleaning the c:\\ drive. you may follow the instructions below.


  1. open run box, by pressing windows +R key.
  2. Type cleanmgr in the run box and press ok.
  3. now your computer will start analyzing the c:// drive. this may take some time.
  4. once your computer will analyze the c:// drive. you will able to see the list of all folders, which need to be cleaned. so you need to check all of them and click on ok.
  5. finally you will able to see the confirmation message. you need to click on delete files.

Optimize Your Browsers

After cleaning the computer, it’s a time to optimize your browsers.  so you need to delete the temp files cookies from your browsers. for brief information you may visit: how to delete cookies and temp files from browser?

Scan For Virus

you may have computer is running slow problem because of viruses into your computer.

so you need to scan your computer with good antivirus. in my case, i would love to suggest you to scan your computer with malware bytes. once your computer will be scan, you need to reboot your computer and run hit man pro as a secondary antivirus.

these software will remove all viruses from your computer and make your computer much secure as well.

Remove Third Part Software-

if you have installed so many un-useful or third party software into your computer. they may cause. computer is running slow problem. so i will suggest you to remove all third party software from your computer.

For More Information You may visit at how to uninstall software from windows computer

After performing all these steps, finally your computer will start running fast. to keep your computer always healthy, you should try to optimize your computer after every month.

i hope these instructions will help you a lot. if you have any other problem with your computer or any other device.

you may leave a comment below. we will try to try to resolve that problem in our next post.

thanks for reading.