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How Do I Find Wireless Router’s Ip Address ?

As soon as the technology is growing, wireless router’s are helpful for every environment, whether it is for home or business, the wireless network became the primary requirement for us. `

Router’s ip address is also known as default gateway ip address because the router is providing the route for incoming and outgoing traffic in your network.

Every router’s brand has different ip address ( ex- or 1.1)When you are looking for instruction, how to find router’s ip address, in this situation you need to go to ahead and follow these instructions.

By Default ip address for few popular routers-

Linksys router- or

Netgear wireless router-

Dlink wireless router-

Belkin wireless router-

Xfinity Wireless router-

AT&T Uverse – or

Optimum Cable router- or

Asus wireless router-

Tp-link Wireless router- or

How Do I find Wireless Router’s IP Address-

  1. Connect your computer directly with the router using Ethernet cable or wifi connection.
  2. Open Run Box (by pressing windows + R Key).
  3. Type CMD in the box and press ok.
  4. Once you will reach to command prompt box, you need to type ipconfig and press enter key.
  5. Now you need to scroll up and look at the Ethernet properties, here you will able to see Default gateway.

So as we know now, the default gateway is known as router’s ip address. So you need to copy that ip address down, and you can open router setup page, using that ip address in your web browser.

Hope these instructions have helped you to find router’s ip address. If you need any other information, you may leave a comment below, we will give you an answer in our next post.