How Do I Find Admin Username and password For Wireless Router

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2017)

Routers are primary device for every network, it help us to connect our devices with each other and with internet as well.

Every wireless router has its own admin panel, from where we can manage all network and firewall activity. To login into that router portal, you must need username and password for your router.

Every router has default username and password, which is written on that router itself. You may take a look on your router, you will find default username and password somewhere in the back or bottom of your router.

Here I am going to share default username and password for few routers –

Linksys – admin admin

Netgear – admin password

Belkin – blank

Dlink- admin blank

Tp-link- admin password

Iball- admin password


How do I reset the router’s admin password ?

if default password on your router is not working , then you should try to reset the password,  for resetting the password, you need to factory restore your router.

but before I will go ahead and share some information about resetting the password, first let me tell you, if you will factory restore your wireless router, then your all saved settings on your router will be gone and your devices will be disconnected from wifi.

So you have to setup your router once again. For setting up the router, if you don’t know how to setup a wireless router, you may click on link bellow to get a setup guide.

How to setup linksys router?

How to Setup Netgear Router?

How to Setup dlink router?

How to setup at&t router?

How to setup Belkin Router?


If you are ready for factory restore your router, then you should go to your router and look at the back of your router, you will able to see a button called, reset or factory restore. You should press and hold that button for one minute and then release it. Finally your router will be factory restore, so you need to


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