How To Download And Install Sound Driver In Windows Laptop

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today, i am going to share this article about how to download and install the sound driver in window laptop.

we all know, for installing sound driver into your computer. we must need correct version of sound driver. for that you may visit, laptop’s official website and download correct version of driver for your laptop.

For downloading the sound driver, you may visit your laptop’s brand official website (ex- if you have hp laptop, you may go to hp official website) and go to download section over there.

in the top search bar, you need to type your laptop’s model number and press search button.

after pressing the search button you will reach to next level, where you will able to see a list of all drivers, you need to choose your driver and click on download.

install sound driver in windows laptop –

After downloading the sound driver successfully, it’s a time to extract the file and install it into your computer. so you need to follow these instructions to install the driver.

  1. Right click on Sound dirver file and click on extract here.
  2. after clicking on extract here, now your files will be extracted.
  3. click on setup.exe file and press run button.
  4. click on yes.
  5. now you will able to see, term and condition  window, so you need to accept the license and click on next.
  6. Now follow the instructionss and your driver will be successfully installed.
  7. once your sound driver will be installed, you need to reboot your computer.

Install the sound driver into windows laptop using driver pack solution –

driver pack solution is a software, which contains all kind of drivers for every brand. when you are not sure about which driver is good for you. this may help you in installing correct version of driver by using it.

you may download the driver pack solution from driver pack official website and follow these instructions:

  1. 1. run driver pack into your computer.
  2. 2. click on search and install correct driver for my laptop.
  3. 3. now this will start looking for good driver for you. once it will find a driver, then you can simply run it and this will start working fine.


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