How Do I Fix Dell Printer Say’s Offline Using Windows Laptop?

Fix: How To Troubleshoot Dell Printer Say’s offline?

Dell has always been popular for manufacturing amazing products, and services. The company has been popular for manufacturing computer, laptop, and printers.

As well all know, Dell printers are useful for both (home and office purpose).

Dell printers have the very easy admin control panel, so people can manage their printer settings easily without having any difficulty.

but being an electronic device, sometime dell printer is generating really critical issues for users, such as “dell printer says offline”.

Causes for dell printer shows offline-

dell printer says offline problem, because of various possible reasons. some of them are listed below. you can take a look at them, and follow the instructions to resolve the printer says offline problem.

  1. Connection Problem.
  2. computer or devices can’t detect printer.
  3.  You have an outdated printer driver.
  4. Dell Printer is in sleep mode.

Dell Printer says offline:

we have already discussed what could be possible reasons for “dell printer says offline” problem in the above paragraphs.

so now we are going to discuss how to fix dell printer say’s offline problem and follow step by step:

Reboot your printer, Device- so many times, people face dell printer say’s an offline problem. when there printer is in sleep mode.

so you should try to reboot your printer and computer and then try to print a document.

Connection problem – if your Dell printer cannot identify by any device in your network, then it indicates the connection problem. so you need to check your connection properly.  for more information you may visit: how to connect brother printer to wireless (wifi).

Update Printer Driver- when you have connected your printer to the WiFi properly, but still you are getting “printer shows offline message ” on your computer.

while other devices in the network are able to print perfectly.

in such a situation, its a problem related to the printer driver, so you need to update the printer driver.

Set up Dell Printer Again –  if you have followed all steps but still you are getting dell printer says offline message, then you should try to uninstall the printer driver from your computer and set up your Dell printer once again. for more information, you may visit: how to set up a dell printer?

Now I hope your Dell printer will start working fine.

if you have any other printer with your Dell printer, you may leave a comment below.

we will try to solve that problem in our next post.


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