How To Change TP Link Wireless Password?

A tp-link wireless password requires to connect the devices. Tp-link wireless password does not write on the router device or box. Password has to set manually from router settings. So, you have to change the tp-link wireless password if you have forgotten it.

In this article, you will find where and how to reset the Tp-link wifi password. See below all the instructions with steps.

Steps to change tp link wireless password

Changing the wireless password is very easy if you are connected to the tp-link router. To change any settings from the tp-link router you need to connect with it. The connection can be physical as well as wirelessly. Follow the steps to connect and change the wifi password.

  • Connect the LAN port of your laptop with a TP-link LAN port using a LAN cable.

Change tp link wireless password

  • Turn off your laptop wireless network.
  • Open any web browser and type on the address bar. You can also type OR and hit enter.

Tplink login address

  • A page will appear by asking username and password. This is your router login information.
  • Find username and password on the back of the router. The default username and password become ‘admin’. If it doesn’t work then reset the Tp-link router login password.
  • When you do login into the router settings, go to Wireless from the left menu.
  • Click on Wireless security from the wireless menu.
  • Next, go to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, and then type a new wifi password into the PSK Password area.
  • Now click on save and restart the router.
  • Disconnect the LAN cable and turn on the wifi of the laptop.
  • Find your tp link wifi and connect with the new wireless password.

You don’t need to change wifi password if you have forgotten. From the same settings page, you can recover tp link wifi password.

Recover Tplink wireless password

It is a surprise but you can see your wifi password from the router settings. Simply follow the steps below to find the same wifi password through which other devices are connected in your home.

  • Go to the device like a laptop that connects to the tp-link router.
  • Type on the web address bar open it.
  • Enter username and password as above given instructions and login router settings.
  • Click on Wireless and then Wireless security from the left menu.
  • Find enable security types like WEP, WPA/PSK, or WPA2/PSK.
  • Check the box PSK Password, Pre-Shared key, or Key1.
  • All represent your wireless password and use that to connect your wifi devices.

Reset Tp-link wifi password without a connection

There is a scenario what if you can not use a LAN cable to connect with the tp-link router. Might possible you don’t have a LAN cable or the laptop doesn’t have a LAN port. There is only one way you can connect via wireless but don’t know the password.

So, in that situation, you have to reset the tp link router. After resetting it would broadcast open wifi without a password. Further, you can easily connect with it and get access to the router. Before resetting the router check your internet connection type, is it PPPoE or dynamic? The PPPoE connection needs a username and password provided by your internet provider otherwise you will lose the internet.

Steps for reset TP-Link router

  • Power on Tp-link wireless router.
  • Find a tiny button or hole on the back of your router.
  • Use a paper clip or pen and then that button press by a hold for 30 seconds.
  • All the lights blink together for a while.
  • Now release the button and restart the router.
  • The router has been reset and try to connect with an open wireless network.
  • Further, follow all the instructions shown in the first step.

The above steps also work for mobile users. Get tp link wifi password on mobile by connecting open wireless network. Further, go to the mobile browser and follow the above instructions.

After changing the wifi password you have to forget the old network. However, you have to reconnect all the devices in your home.

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