Why Is My Netgear Genie Saying You Are Not Connected To Internet?

Error: Netgear genie says, you are not connected to the internet. This is the most common problem people are reporting for. every day, when anyone tries to set up a

How To Update Netgear Router Firmware?

Hello Netgear User, This article is about how to update Netgear router firmware, so if you don’t know about how to update the router firmware, read this article until the

Netgear Router Not Working Suddenly Stopped Working | Troubleshooting

Before writing any troubleshooting article on my website, I love to do a little survey on the community websites. So I can write a troubleshooting article on something that can

How To Setup Belkin Range Extender Without Cd ?

Easy Way To setup Belkin Range Extender : Most people don’t know what is range extender also how to set up Belkin range extender. Router signals become weak after a particular area. So the

How Do I Troubleshoot Linksys Router disconnects Frequently?

Troubleshoot Linksys Router disconnects frequently: What do you do when your Linksys router disconnects frequently from the internet? Do you plan To Replace the Linksys router? If you do so,

How To Setup Linksys Router | Install Linksys Wireless Router Without Disk

This article is about how to setup linksys router. You may follow the instructions to fix the problem. “ How to setup Linksys router- When you buy a Linksys router,

How Can I Do Mac Cloning In Linksys Router?

Hello Linksys Users, Welcome to fixotip Today I am writing this article on how to do mac cloning in Linksys router? So just read this article and follow the instruction

how Can I Update Firmware In Linksys Router?

Hello guys, Welcome to fixotip, today’s we are going to share this article about,  how to update firmware in Linksys router, well it is very easy to update the firmware,

Troubleshoot Linksys Router Is Blinking Orange | Flashing Yellow Light Problem

Troubleshoot: Linksys router is blinking orange? “this article is about how to fix linksys router is blinking orange problem. check out this article and follow the instructions to fix the

Linksys Router Not Working? Suddenly Stopped Working?

“this post is about how to fix linksys router not working problem. if your wireless router has also stopped working. this may help you in get it back to work

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