What is wireless channel and how do I change my wifi channel ?

wifi channel are responsible for coverage and wireless network performance. every wireless routers have two special frequencies, 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz and different wireless channels.  By default your router is setup with channel no- 6 or 13.

When these channels have lots of competition (overlapping) in your area, then they might give you poor wireless connection, and just because of poor wifi connection, you will get slow internet speed as well.

change wireless channel

So whenever you are having slow internet or wireless connection problem, you should try to change your wireless channel, for changing the wireless channel, you may follow these instructions:

Each channel has their own spectrum, 2.4 ghz has 20 mhz wide spectrum while 5ghz got 100 mhz spectrum. So when you plan to change the wireless channel for 2.4 ghz network, then you should go with channel 6 or 9, while when you decide for 5 ghz, you should stay with channel no. 11. Because these does not overlapped anytime, and they will remain your devices connected for longer.

How to Change wireless channel –

After discussing about wireless channel it’s a time for how to change the wireless channel, so I am going to give you instructions bellow just follow them and you will able to change your wireless channel by yourself.

  1. Connect your computer with wireless router using Ethernet cable or wireless connection.
  2. Power on your wireless router.
  3. Open web browser, like- internet explorer , google chrome, firefox.
  4. In the top address bar, you need to type, your wireless router’s ip address and press enter.
  5. Here you will able to see login screen, so you need to type here router’s user name and password.
  6. Now you need to go to wireless settings section, here you will able to see your wireless channel, so need to select 6 or 11. Whatever you want.
  7. Finally you need to click on apply ok and you will be good to go.

How Do I Find Admin Username and password For Wireless Router

Routers are primary device for every network, it help us to connect our devices with each other and with internet as well.

Every wireless router has its own admin panel, from where we can manage all network and firewall activity. To login into that router portal, you must need username and password for your router.

Every router has default username and password, which is written on that router itself. You may take a look on your router, you will find default username and password somewhere in the back or bottom of your router.

Here I am going to share default username and password for few routers –

Linksys – admin admin

Netgear – admin password

Belkin – blank

Dlink- admin blank

Tp-link- admin password

Iball- admin password


How do I reset the router’s admin password ?

if default password on your router is not working , then you should try to reset the password,  for resetting the password, you need to factory restore your router.

but before I will go ahead and share some information about resetting the password, first let me tell you, if you will factory restore your wireless router, then your all saved settings on your router will be gone and your devices will be disconnected from wifi.

So you have to setup your router once again. For setting up the router, if you don’t know how to setup a wireless router, you may click on link bellow to get a setup guide.

How to setup linksys router?

How to Setup Netgear Router?

How to Setup dlink router?

How to setup at&t router?

How to setup Belkin Router?


If you are ready for factory restore your router, then you should go to your router and look at the back of your router, you will able to see a button called, reset or factory restore. You should press and hold that button for one minute and then release it. Finally your router will be factory restore, so you need to


How Do I Find Wireless Router’s Ip Address ?

As soon as technology is growing, wireless router’s are helpful for every environment, weather it is for home or business, wireless network became primary requirement for us. `

Router’s ip address is also known as default gateway ip address, because router is providing route for incoming and outgoing traffic in your network.

Wireless Router's ip address

Every router’s brand has different ip address ( ex- or 1.1)When you are looking for instruction , how to find router’s ip address, in this situation you need to go to ahead and follow these instructions .

By Default ip address for few popular routers-

Linksys router- or

Netgear wireless router-

Dlink wireless router-

Belkin wireless router-

Xfinity Wireless router-

AT&T Uverse – or

Optimum Cable router- or

Asus wireless router-

Tp-link Wireless router- or

How Do I find Wireless Router’s IP Address-

  1. Connect your computer directly with router using Ethernet cable or wifi connection.
  2. Open Run Box (by pressing windows + R Key).
  3. Type CMD in the box and press ok.
  4. Once you will reach to command prompt box, you need to type ipconfig and press enter key.
  5. Now you need to scroll up and look at the Ethernet properties, here you will able to see Default gateway.

So as we know now, default gateway is known as router’s ip address. So you need to copy that ip address down, and you can open router setup page, using that ip address in your web browser.

Hope these instructions has helped you to find router’s ip address. If you need any other information, you may leave a comment bellow, we will give you an answer in our next post.