Fix: Brother Printer is printing Blank pages:

Do you know, what can be reason behind brother printer is printing blank pages and how can we fix it?

Well a printer can cause printing blank pages issues just because few reasons:

Brother printer is printing blank pages

1.Low Ink Issue-

When you have low ink in your ink cartridge. It may cause printing blank page issue. So make sure, you have ink in your printer. You may check the ink level using brother printer panel.

2.Cartridge issue-

Well, this is the main reason for brother printer is printer blank pages. So remove the cartridge and setup it again. If you are setting up a new cartridge. Make sure, you have removed the protective tap from ink cartridge.

If you have any other cartridge, I will suggest you to change the cartridge for a while and then try to print something.

For more information you may visit : how to replace ink cartridge in brother printer?

3.Communication problem-

Sometime, this problem comes because of poor connection problem. So i will suggest you to place by your router. So you can get better network strength.

Also try to reboot your printer and computer once, try to print a document now.

4.Printer Spooler-

When I had printer is not printing problem. It was because of printer spooler service. I had to restart the printer spooler services and then it had started working fine.

For restarting the printer spooler service, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  1. Open run box using windows+r key.
  2. Type services.msc in the top address bar, press ok button.
  3. Now scroll down and look for printer spooler service.
  4. Select the printer spooler service and click on restart. Finally computer will restart the printer spooler service.

5.Driver Issue-

So if you have followed the instructions below, but still if you are having same problem with your brother printer. I will suggest you to uninstall the brother printer driver from your computer. Once you will uninstall the printer driver . You need to reboot the computer.

After rebooting the computer, you need to install latest driver into your computer. For more information, you may visit how to install brother printer? 


After following above troubleshooting steps, your printer will start working fine.