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About Us –

Fixotip.com is an online blog website. Where we share all useful troubleshooting information related to computers, internet, router and printer on the website.

Here you get a chance learn the troubleshooting steps by simply visiting on our website. Talking about the mission of fixotip.com,

Before I will say something more about fixotip.com, let me introduce myself, I am a technician by profession. I am working in the computer industry since 4 years and fixed thousands of computers and other devices (like printer, router etc.).

One day, when I was working on my computer. I realized, there are so many problems, people can fix them self. They do not need any technician for fixing such kind of problem.

So I decided to create a website, and share the information for free. So That’s how I invented this website.

Our Mission –

Every people love to play with their gadgets. But when people face any problem with their gadgets, we will start thinking bad about technology.

While somehow we forget, gadgets are also like a human being. So they can also get ill. That’s why; our mission is to provide end to end solution for problems related to computing gadgets. So whenever users have any problem related to their devices.

They can simply visit our website and find the solution for their problem without connecting to any technician.

If you cannot find the solution for your problem on our website,  you may simply send an email to admin@fixotip.com and ask the solution from us.

We will share the troubleshooting steps for such problem in our next post.


Admin, (fixotip.com)

Email- admin@fixotip.com


Address- c-146 Street No- 7, Krishna Colony, Sector-91

Faridabad, 121003

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/fixotip

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