About Us

Fixotip.com is an independent technology-based website that provides solutions to all technical problems. It has started in February 2017. Till now we are stable and keep growing trust for the last four years. The website recently rebuilds with the latest updates and posts. We also try to cover the latest news and reviews based on technologies.

On the website, you can find solutions related to the computer brand/product along with Microsoft’s Windows platform and services. Our team is very hardworking and creates fresh content for better user engagement. We research a lot before creating a post and come with the best result for users.

Our aim is to help people in a very easy and true way. Below are some points which show our transparency and trust.

Question: Who is running Fixotip.com?

Answer: Fixotip.com is running by professionals and experts in their fields for the last four successful years. All the experts have their own qualified degrees.

Question: Is the website store user personal information?

Answer: No, we do not ask for any personal information. The user needs to fill in his name and email id only if wants to comment. It is to stop avoiding spam commenting.

Question: Fixotip.com charge for the information?

Answer: There is no cost to read and find solutions. We do not ask for any payment or information related.

Question: How Fixotip manage the running cost of the website?

Answer: Website fulfill its requirement through advertising(trustworthy) like Google Adsense.

Question: Do We promote third-party websites and apps, software?

Answer: Fixotip.com does not promote any third-party software, apps, or websites.

In case you have any concerns, or feedback please write us through our Contact menu. Our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.