Dell Printer

How Do I Fix Dell Printer Say’s Offline Using Windows Laptop?

Fix: How To Troubleshoot Dell Printer Say’s offline?

Dell has always been popular for manufacturing amazing products, and services. The company has been popular for manufacturing computer, laptop, and printers.

As well all know, Dell printers are useful for both (home and office purpose).

Dell printers have the very easy admin control panel, so people can manage their printer settings easily without having any difficulty.

but being an electronic device, sometime dell printer is generating really critical issues for users, such as “dell printer says offline”.

Causes for dell printer shows offline-

dell printer says offline problem, because of various possible reasons. some of them are listed below. you can take a look at them, and follow the instructions to resolve the printer says offline problem.

  1. Connection Problem.
  2. computer or devices can’t detect printer.
  3.  You have an outdated printer driver.
  4. Dell Printer is in sleep mode.

Dell Printer says offline:

we have already discussed what could be possible reasons for “dell printer says offline” problem in the above paragraphs.

so now we are going to discuss how to fix dell printer say’s offline problem and follow step by step:

Reboot your printer, Device- so many times, people face dell printer say’s an offline problem. when there printer is in sleep mode.

so you should try to reboot your printer and computer and then try to print a document.

Connection problem – if your Dell printer cannot identify by any device in your network, then it indicates the connection problem. so you need to check your connection properly.  for more information you may visit: how to connect brother printer to wireless (wifi).

Update Printer Driver- when you have connected your printer to the WiFi properly, but still you are getting “printer shows offline message ” on your computer.

while other devices in the network are able to print perfectly.

in such a situation, its a problem related to the printer driver, so you need to update the printer driver.

Set up Dell Printer Again –  if you have followed all steps but still you are getting dell printer says offline message, then you should try to uninstall the printer driver from your computer and set up your Dell printer once again. for more information, you may visit: how to set up a dell printer?

Now I hope your Dell printer will start working fine.

if you have any other printer with your Dell printer, you may leave a comment below.

we will try to solve that problem in our next post.

Dell Printer

How Do I Set up Dell Wireless Printer ? Install Dell Wifi Printer

Learn: How To Set up Dell Wireless Printer?

Hello Folks,

In this article, we are going to share information about how to set up a dell wireless printer using Windows or Macintosh computer?

If you want to set up your Dell printer as a local printer, you may visit how to set up a dell printer using a USB cable?

The requirement for install dell wireless printer-

when you will install dell printer as a wifi printer or network printer. there are few basic requirements. which you have to fill:

Require for setup dell wireless printer has listed below:

  1. Wireless Network.
  2. SSID & Password or WiFi.
  3. Windows or Mac Computer.
  4. Printer Driver.

For installing any printer, you just need a printer driver. usually, you will get printer driver setup disk with Dell printer accessories.

but somehow if you do not have printer setup disk, then you may download it from dell’s official website.

Setup dell wireless printer using windows pc-

once you fulfill the requirements for dell printer set up, then it’s a time to install and configure the Dell printer. so you need to follow the steps given below:

Note: before you will set up your printer, you need to make sure, you have connected your printer to the wifi successfully.

if your printer is not connected to the wifi, you need to connect it for more information you may visit: how to connect dell printer to the wifi?

  • Insert the printer driver setup disk into your computer and run it.
  • Now you will able to see, Dell printer setup welcomes window. here you need to choose your language and click next.
  • once you will click on next, you will see user agreement, you need to accept it and click next.
  • Now your computer will start installing basic installation files.
  • When basic printer settings will be installed, you will able to see the connection method window.

Here you need to choose the connection method, in our case we are going to setup a wireless printer. so we will choose typical installation for a network printer.

  • after choosing the connection type, you will able to see the list of printers available in the network. you need to choose your printer and click on next.

Now you need to follow the instructions and finally, your printer will successfully set up.

if your printer is showing offline, then you may visit: how to fix brother printer say’s offline problem? Chris Thompson Authentic Jersey

Canon Printer

how to fix paper jam issue in canon printer by myself?

Troubleshoot: Paper Jam issue in canon printer

There is nothing wrong with saying, “paper jam issue in canon printer ” one of the most irritating issue.

Especially when you are going to print any import document and it got stuck in the middle of printing.

When we face the paper jam issue with our printer. we always try to contact a technical expert for fixing such kind issue. While most of us don’t know, you can fix paper jam issue in canon printer by yourself without inviting any technical person at your home.

All you need to do just follow the instructions given below and be your own technician:

Note: before I will share troubleshooting instructions, I would like to warn you about a few things.

  1. Do not tear your paper in the printer.
  2. Remove printer parts gently, else it may cause of printer hardware failure.

How to fix paper jam issue in canon printer by yourself.

  • Turn off the printer and unplug the power cable from canon printer.
  • Open the paper output tray. while you are opening the paper out cover, make sure you are touching the clear film.
  • Make sure, there is no paper jammed under the cartridge holder. if there is any, i will suggest you remove cartridge holder properly and then remove paper.
  • Now hold the paper gently, and pull it out slowly. do not tear it.
  • once you will remove the paper From your computer, you need to make sure, there is no paper piece stuck in the roller.
  • Now you need to place the cartridge holder back in.
  • Install the paper output tray again and out the power on your printer.

Once your machine will power on, you need to insert the paper and try to print something.

I am sure, your printer will start working fine.

Canon Printer

How To Fix My Canon Printer Won’t Print Issue?

Solve: canon printer won’t print :

Last week, our team has gotten an email to write something about what could be the possible reasons for canon printer won’t print and how can we troubleshoot them.

so today in this article, I am going to cover that topic, you may read the instructions and fix the problem instantly.

Canon printers are the really reliable gadget. once you will setup it properly, this will make you happy by giving thousands of print for many years. but that does not mean, it will work forever. sometimes it may cause some irritating problem for your computer. which may jeopardize your work. canon printer won’t print is one of the biggest problems for these days.

You may unable to print a document from a single a computer or sometimes with all device in your network.

well, there are so many reasons, which may cause printer is not printing problem, usually people face such kind of problem with their device when their printer could not be identified by the devices.

Causes related to canon printer won’t print :

so we are going from basic troubleshooting steps to advance step to fix your canon printer. you can simply go ahead and follow the instructions to fix the issue.

  1. PowerCycle Your Device- this is the very common step, but it works lots of time.

when your computer does not identify the printer. it will cause canon printer is not printing problem. so you should try to reboot your computer and printer once.

after rebooting your computer and printer. you need to wait for 1 minute, and then try to print something from the printer.

if you have setup your canon printer as a network printer, you should try to reboot your router as well.

  1. Connection Problem – Connection problem is the most common problem, which may cause not printing issue with your canon printer.

so if you have setup your canon printer using the USB cable. please make sure you have connected your USB cable from printer properly.

you may also disconnect the USB cable from your computer and wait for 1 minute and then plug it back in.

  1. Ink Cartridge Issue- when you are trying to print something from your printer but it is printing a blank page.

this may because of ink cartridge issue or low ink issue. so you should try to replace the cartridge and plug the new ink cartridge again.

once you will plug in the cartridge, you should try to print a document again and then let’s see. is it working or not?

  1. PaperJam Issue-

If you are having a paper jam issue with your printer. in that case, you need to clean your printer properly. for paper jam issue we have written a new post, you may visit:

how to fix paper jam issue in canon printer?

  1. Driver Issue- so many times, You may have canon printer won’t connect issue because of driver issue.

if your driver is outdated or you have not installed the driver properly. this may cause, canon printer not printing issue. so you should try to update the canon printer driver properly.

  1. Reset Printer- after following all the above steps, if your canon printer is still not printing any document. in such a situation, you should reset the printer.

For resetting the printer you need to follow the instructions below :

Instructions for Reset

  1. Uninstall & Reinstall The printer- this is the last option for troubleshooting a printer, in the method you need to uninstall the existing printer driver from your computer.

once the printer driver will uninstall you need to reboot your computer, and then you need to setup your Canon printer again. you may download the printer driver from canon’s official website

After performing all these steps, I hope your canon printer will start working perfectly fine. if you are having any other issue with your printer.

you may leave a comment below. we will try to resolve that issue in our next post.

Brother Printer

How To Setup Brother Printer With USB Cable (Local Network)

Guide: Setup Brother Printer Using USB :

For a long time, we are getting so many requests to write on how to set up brother printer? so today I am going to share a brief article about how to install brother printer. Just follow the instructions to set up your printer by yourself.

Basic steps for setup brother printer-

  1. Unbox your printer from the box and connect the power cable to your printer.
  2. Connect your brother printer from the computer via USB cable.
  3. Now you need to power on your printer and computer.

Download brother printer driver –

Once you will make a successful connection between your brother printer and computer, it’s time to set up brother printer driver into your computer, so your computer can identify your printer.

you may have gotten brother printer setup disk, which is also known as printer driver disk, you need to insert that disk into your computer and run it.

If you don’t have a printer setup disk, then you may download the brother printer driver from brother’s official website.

brother printer

Install brother printer Via USB Cable –

After downloading printer driver setup, it’s a time to run it, so we can set up a printer successfully, to install the brother printer, you need to follow these instructions.

  1. Run the printer setup disk.
  2. Now you need to select your printer model number, and click on next,
  3. Here you will able to see, brother printer setup menu, so you need to click on setup brother printer.
  4. When you will click on setup brother printer setup, then your computer will start installing the printer driver.
  5. After installing the printer driver, this will ask to you how do you want to set up your printer, if you want to set up it with a USB cable, then you can select USB connection if you want to set up your printer with wireless printer then you need to select wireless connection,

To connect your printer with wireless, you may visit: how to install brother wireless printer.

  1. Click on next, now this will start installing your printer, this will take some time to install the printer,

Finally, you will able to set up your printer successfully, you can go ahead and try to print something now.

Brother Printer

How Do I Install Or Setup Brother Wireless Printer Without CD?

Hello Folks,

Today’s article is about how to set up brother wireless printer? So just read the instructions and follow them to setup it by yourself.

if you want to install brother wireless printer, the first and basic requirement for connection is, you must have access to the wifi network. so if you do not have wireless router password, then you may visit: how do I find wireless router password?

Connect your printer with Wifi –

  1. Power on your brother printer.
  2. click on the menu using up and go to Network using up and down arrow key.
  3. Go to WLAN Wizard by pressing up and down key.
  4. Once you will reach WLAN wizard, you need to choose setup wizard.
  5. If WLAN will be enabled? Then you need to directly reach to wireless setup wizard,
  6. Now your machine will show you a list of available wireless network, you need to choose yours and click on ok.
  7. After selecting your wireless network, you will able to see the wireless encryption method? So you need to choose the encryption type. Whatever you have (WPA, WEP etc.).
  8. Finally, you will reach to password window, so you need to type here your wireless password, and click on ok.

If you are having any trouble, you may visit: brother printer won’t connect to wifi.

Setup brother wireless printer-

After connecting brother printer to the wifi, now it’s a time to set up brother wireless printer, so you need to insert the brother printer driver disk into your computer and run it. If you do not have printer driver disk then you no need to worry, you can simply download it from brother’s official website and run it on your computer.

  1. Here this will ask you for your brother printer model, you need to select your Brother printer’s model and click next.
  2. When you will select your printer model, then you will reach to printer menu, here you need to select the install printer driver.
  3. Once you will select install a brother printer driver, you will get agreement window, here you need to click on I accept and click on next.
  4. Now your printer will start installing basic setup, once it will install basic files,
  5. After completing the basic installation process, your brother printer will ask you for connection type, here you need to select the wireless connection and click next.
  6. Here you will able to see select appropriate connection type, select brother peer to peer network printer in this window and click on next.
  7. If you have enabled firewall or installed antivirus into your computer, then you will able to see firewall antivirus detected window, in this window, you need to choose “Change the firewall settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation. ”
  8. you will able to see your printer in the list, so you need to select your printer type and click next.
  9. Finally, your printer will be set up and you will able to use your brother wireless printer.
Brother Printer

Why Is My Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Fix Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages

Being a tech blogger, I got so many requests to write on various kinds of computer, networking & printer related problems.

brother, printer, tech, support

I always try my best to write the troubleshooting steps for the particular problem.

last week, I got so many emails to write about how to fix brother printer printing blank pages.

brother printer printing blank pages

That’s why today, I am going to write this post. If you are also going through “brother printer printing blank pages problem”.

you need to read this post until the end and follow the steps to fix the problem.


Causes Of Brother Printer Blank Pages Keep Printing

Actually, this problem comes due to the few common reasons:

  • Low ink issues
  • Cartridge Issue
  • Network problem.
  • Printer spooler problem.
  • Driver issue.

Now we know the reason behind brother printer printing blank pages, so it’s a time to troubleshoot the problem.

But before that, you should reboot your printer and PC once, and then try to print something.

If your brother printer is still printing blank pages, you need to follow ahead and apply the techniques given below.

Check Ink Label and cartridge-

If your cartridge does not have ink or it has low ink. you will definitely get blank pages issue.

every time when you will try to print something.

If you find ink label low or there is no ink. In this case, you need to replace the ink cartridge.

Sometimes, the issue can be related to the cartridge. If you have not set up your cartridge properly.

when you go through brother printer is printing blank pages problem.

brother printer is printing blank pages

You should remove the ink cartridge and install it once again.

After installing the ink cartridge, you need to restart the printer and try to print something.

Communication problem –

brother printer, troubleshooting

Another reason for brother printer printing blank pages is the communication problem.

you should check the connection from your printer to the computer.

If you have connected your printer from the computer via USB cable, I will suggest you disconnect the USB cable and Reconnect it.

brother printer printing blank pages

IF you are using the network printer, I will suggest you reboot your router and printer and then connect your printer to the network.

After connecting your printer to the computer, you should try to print page.

Read more about how to fix brother printer won’t connect to wifi problem.

Printer Spooler Problem-

Printer spooler services are responsible for interacting with printer and order the print jobs in the queue.

When printer spooler service does not respond properly, this can be the reason for brother printer is printing blank pages.

in this situation, you should try to restart printer spooler services into your pc by following the instructions given below.

  1. Open the run box using windows + R key.
  2. Type services.msc in the run box and press ok.
  3. Now scroll down and look for printer spooler services.
  4. Select the printer spooler service and click on restart.

After restarting the printer spooler service, you should try to print something.

Let’s see if it is printing well or not.

Uninstall the Printer Driver-

If you have used steps given above but still your brother printer is printing blank pages.

in this situation, you should uninstall the existing printer driver.

For uninstalling the driver, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Press Windows + R key to open the run box.
  • Type appwiz.cpl and then press ok.
  • Select brother printer driver and click on uninstall.
  • Now follow the instructions to uninstall the printer driver.

After uninstalling the printer driver, you need to reboot the computer and install the latest brother printer, driver.

For brief information, you may visit: how to set up brother printer?

I hope now your printer will start working fine.

If you have any other problem with your printer or any device.

you may write a comment below or send us an email on

We will reply to it with the solution.


What is wireless channel and how do I change my wifi channel?

wifi channel is responsible for coverage and wireless network performance. every wireless router has two special frequencies, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and different wireless channels.  By default, your router is set up with channel no- 6 or 13.

When these channels have lots of competition (overlapping) in your area, then they might give you poor wireless connection, and just because of poor wifi connection, you will get slow internet speed as well.

So whenever you are having slow internet or wireless connection problem, you should try to change your wireless channel, for changing the wireless channel, you may follow these instructions:

Each channel has their own spectrum, 2.4 GHz has 20 MHz wide spectra while 5ghz got 100 MHz spectrum. So when you plan to change the wireless channel for the 2.4 GHz network, then you should go with channel 6 or 9, while when you decide for 5 GHz, you should stay with channel no. 11. Because these do not overlap anytime, and they will remain your devices connected for longer.

How to Change the wireless channel –

After discussing wireless channel it’s time for how to change the wireless channel, so I am going to give you instructions below just follow them and you will able to change your wireless channel by yourself.

  1. Connect your computer with a wireless router using Ethernet cable or wireless connection.
  2. Power on your wireless router.
  3. Open a web browser, like- internet explorer, google chrome, firefox.
  4. In the top address bar, you need to type, your wireless router’s ip address and press enter.
  5. Here you will able to see the login screen, so you need to type here router’s username and password.
  6. Now you need to go to the wireless settings section, here you will able to see your wireless channel, so need to select 6 or 11. Whatever you want.
  7. Finally, you need to click on apply ok and you will be good to go.

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How Do I Find Wireless Router’s Ip Address ?

As soon as the technology is growing, wireless router’s are helpful for every environment, whether it is for home or business, the wireless network became the primary requirement for us. `

Router’s ip address is also known as default gateway ip address because the router is providing the route for incoming and outgoing traffic in your network.

Every router’s brand has different ip address ( ex- or 1.1)When you are looking for instruction, how to find router’s ip address, in this situation you need to go to ahead and follow these instructions.

By Default ip address for few popular routers-

Linksys router- or

Netgear wireless router-

Dlink wireless router-

Belkin wireless router-

Xfinity Wireless router-

AT&T Uverse – or

Optimum Cable router- or

Asus wireless router-

Tp-link Wireless router- or

How Do I find Wireless Router’s IP Address-

  1. Connect your computer directly with the router using Ethernet cable or wifi connection.
  2. Open Run Box (by pressing windows + R Key).
  3. Type CMD in the box and press ok.
  4. Once you will reach to command prompt box, you need to type ipconfig and press enter key.
  5. Now you need to scroll up and look at the Ethernet properties, here you will able to see Default gateway.

So as we know now, the default gateway is known as router’s ip address. So you need to copy that ip address down, and you can open router setup page, using that ip address in your web browser.

Hope these instructions have helped you to find router’s ip address. If you need any other information, you may leave a comment below, we will give you an answer in our next post.

Router tp-link

How to change TP Link wifi router password

How to change TP-Link wifi router password or how to change tp link administrative password both are same. There is the slight difference between the router password and wireless password.

Router password is used to login into router settings, like changing network name and password. The wireless password used for connecting devices with wifi router or network.

For changing wireless password we have specific article read here How to change TP-Link wireless password.

Here we are providing the steps for accessing router settings :

Open your browser and type login IP into the address bar. Login IP depends on the router to router or companies. By default, companies have or, These three login ips mostly work.

The router also changes login IP by itself. It takes ip from APIPA(Automatic Private IP Addressing). In this case, you have to open the command prompt and type ipconfig/all. It will show all the ips.

After typing login IP you will get the login screen with username and password. Usually, all the network devices have some specific login access. Below are few-

Password             Username

  • admin                    admin
  • password              admin
  • admin                   (leave blank)

These are some standard combination which works for most routers. Few companies also change this combination according to their rules.

Sometimes router changes this combination itself into random username and password. This happens due to overload on device(router)/ hacking attack and prevention or network virus attacks.

How to change TP-Link wifi router password final steps:

If the above combination doesn’t work so you need to reset your router for getting access to settings. For resetting router, we have described in details here How to reset TP-Link router read this article and reset your router.

Once you will reset your router your same default password will work for login into the router.

Link- TP-Link

Any concern or suggestion leave comments below so we can make it best for you.